Sonia Fernández


Sonia Fernández was born in Pamplona, Spain. Mom of two, she has been living in Amsterdam for 18 years.

E-commerce consultant and retail specialist with twelve years of experience in fashion, children’s products, and décor marketing, she also applies her talents to fashion blogging ( and

Sonia’s passion for kids’ fashion and design started when her first baby was born. She believes that design makes life easier and attractive. Just when you think you have seen it all, you get surprised by a beautiful item or collection.

Seeing the passion and enormous effort brand owners put in to everything they do and supporting them gives meaning and purpose to her work. She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many talented people from all around the world.
For Sonia will cover the latest news coming from Spain, including rising stars, new collections, events, tendencies… everything that catches her eye and emotion.

Favorite song: Wonderful life by BLACK

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