Teasy Shiruo Sun

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Teasy Shiruo Sun from Shanghai, China who is currently based in New York City.

Remember our collaboration with Dot to Dot? We were looking for the next remarkable children’s fashion brand. And we found it: Teasy Shiruo Sun is a children’s wear and textile designer who graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2018.

Teasy wants the wearer to play and learn through her designs. Her design approach is to create interactive toy garments through her knowledge of textiles and her unique illustration style. Children will learn from what they wear as they play, and use their imagination to create some special moments with their outfits.

Teasy wants the designs to entertain children and inspire them to lead a happy and positive life.

Teasy Shiruo Sun

Teasy Shiruo Sun

Teasy Shiruo Sun
We received many applications. All full of creativity and passion. It was a very difficult decision. We were impressed by the angle Teasy is taking on children’s fashion. Her blooming creativity and unconventional style did stand out. As well as her story on how her garments are designed and determination to change the experience and life of our children.

As a Children’s Wear designer, I want to bring playing and educating into my designs. Children are constantly learning and are exposed to new things in their daily life. What they perceive in their early childhood has a huge influence on the rest of their life. Fashion in Children’s Wear to me is a great form of education because it takes place every day, while carrying the message to the child in an interesting way.

Already in elementary school, Teasy started to design interactive game books and made up her own rules to play. Playing by herself was a huge part of her childhood and it was more fun for her than most people would expect.
That is why in her designs, she wants to carry the “only child” playing experience and bring back the same excitement she had with her favorite toys and games.

I want to apply education in fashion in a non-traditional way. Children will learn from what they wear as they play, and use their imagination to create some little moments with their outfits. I want the designs to make the child entertained, happy, and have positive power on their entire life.

Teasy really did enjoy her time at Parsons. Because they really encourage students to do whatever they want and pushes them not to go for the “easiest way” while designing. Allowing to prioritize creativity and not to be limited to technical skills.

Besides fashion, Teasy loves to draw. Illustrations have always been an important part of her design process and she usually creates a lot of textiles based on her illustration. And then lets the textiles create the final design.

Congratulations Teasy! We cannot wait to meeting you in London next month.


All images: Lee Clower for Teasy

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