Insights from our launch event during Dot to Dot

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On Sunday was the big day. We officially launched during the first day of Dot to Dot London. An independent children's product trade show taking place in the heart of the capital. curated the trend space for this edition of Dot to Dot – see it here – and hosted a creative workshop. To finish the day but actually to start this new adventure we gathered with the exhibitors, press and co. for a glass of bubbles and lots of laughter.

We truly had a blast!

The trend space was very well received and the workshop, in collaboration with Craft Make Play, gave many people the perfect creative outlet on a Sunday afternoon. We had beautiful tote bags that were adorned with stamps, tassels, pom poms and beads. The table was surrounded by lovely people that chatted away and got creative. Vibrant atmosphere and fun moments!
In the late afternoon we got out the glasses and opened the bottles for a formidable get together.
A fantastic launch event that celebrated the beginning of something wonderful!

Of course we also walked around the show, chatted with designers, found some beautiful new brands and share some our favourites with you now:
Amy + Ivor
Amy + Ivor
Absolutely in love with these floral prints!

ari london
Ari London
Exciting new brand from London with romantic looks and beautiful scallop trimmings!

bonnie mob
The Bonniemob
Lovely rainbow collar and stay tuned for some news on cool mini&me pieces in the very near future.

All the way from Korea. We love the ruffled sleeping bags.

Donsje is adding more and more clothes to their line. We do not mind because we want them all! Gorgeous colour palette.

Lala & Pom
Definitely the coolest accessories!

Finger in the Nose
Finger in the Nose
Winter babies will be cosy and stylish next year!

Marlon and little friends
Hand knitted heirloom pieces!

Dot to Dot award winner in the category: New Kids Fashion
We agree – cool sustainable denim styles for small kids.

Severina Kids
Severina Kids
Dot to Dot award winner in the category: Non Fashion
Exquisite rag dolls, knitted cats and dogs and other accessories.


All images: Peggy Juche

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