10 Great Sources for Removable Wallpaper for Childrens Rooms

10 Great Sources for Removable Wallpaper for Children’s Rooms

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Wallpaper is a brilliant way to decorate any room. From the feature wall, to being used on all four walls it often is a creative and a more durable alternative to paint.

The wallpaper trend is making a comeback now. It offers a great wealth of patterns, materials as well as a multitude of styles and colours to pick and choose from.

And your child’s room isn’t an exception. If you ask me, it is actually THE room to start experimenting with wallpaper! Because kids rooms don’t have to be tacky or be covered with princesses or superheroes. Moreover they deserve to stand out and be stylish. There are very few boundaries for decorating kids rooms. After all, they are the special places where we can let our imagination run wild and get playful.


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Recent wallpaper trends range from oversized florals, dot clusters and geometric shapes to tropical motifs and pastel shades, and are very inspiring for creating beautiful children’s spaces.

But my favourite amongst them all is the use of removable wallpaper.

That is because we can apply and remove it with ease, without professional help and damage to the walls. This makes wallpaper easier to handle than ever before. Which also means that you can redesign your space more often!

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So if you are looking for easily removable wallpaper to transform your child’s room, here are some sources that offer great designs. Some can even customise the size of the pattern, the colours or use your own design:

  1. ColorayDecor – a Polish company, whose wallpaper boasts some very bright and bold designs for children and MagicStick. An innovative, self-adhesive material allows them to be applied and peeled multiple times.

10 Great Sources for Removable Wallpaper for Childrens Rooms

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  1. Anewall – are based in Canada and have a product range, which expands to wall murals, large art prints and vintage wallpapers. Many of their designs make a great choice for nurseries. Their summer floral collection is worth taking a closer look.
  1. Spoonflower – are a digital textile and wallpaper printing company. Their wallpaper come in water activated (removable) and peel-and-stick (repositionable) options. They offer a variety of design options and an opportunity to order matching fabrics, which makes it so much easier to design a room.


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  1. Walls Need Love – promise their product ‘is not your grandmother’s wallpaper’ and can be washed and scrubbed with household cleaners. How very practical for kids spaces! The HP latex inks used for printing are resistant to sun fading.
  1. Chasing Paper – are based in NYC and offer an array of beautiful designs for kids, which you would just love. Furthermore, there are helpful how-to videos and a promise of wallpaper that will stick.

10 Great Sources for Removable Wallpaper for Childrens Rooms

Via ColorayDecor

  1. A Wall Sticker Company – founded by 2 Australian mums. This company has removable wallpaper and decals ranges for babies, kids and teens.
  1. Timothy Sue – uses digital printing methods and water-based latex ink, which as a result has minimal environmental impact. On top – as an effort to support the community and to minimise the harm to the environment, they design and print everything in California.

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  1. Flax and Wool Designs – a small hand painted bloom inspired collection of wallpaper.  A touch of whimsy and a lot of colour will make for a unique child’s space.
  1. Tempaper – are US based and continue growing their international presence. They focus on collaborations with prominent designers and hence develop chic collections with a number of great choices for kids.
  1. Etsy – is a proof removable wallpaper is hot! And brings a multitude of removable wallpaper producers and resellers right at your fingertips. You could check out Jumanjii as an example of a tropical take on wallpaper.

Have fun choosing the wallpaper that reflects your child and their interests, as the choice is huge. And don’t forget, you can easily change it in a matter of months!

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