Nursery Decor: Your Guide to a Cosy & Beautiful Baby’s Room

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If you’re just beginning to decorate your little one’s room, it can be easy to get into a perfectionist mindset. I get it: you want to create this awe-inspiring space that your new arrival will one day be able to boast about. Being a perfectionist can be tiring, though, and not what parenting is all about.

When it comes down to it, all your nursery really needs to be is cosy and beautiful – two things that will nurture your baby’s mind and body. Because you don’t need to scour the earth to find all the best nursery decor, you just need to know what you’re looking for.

In this nursery guide, I’m going to suggest a few basic tips for creating a functional and fabulous kids’ room.

Calming Wall Colours

Your Guide to a Cosy & Beautiful Baby’s Room
Image: OyOy

Picking out wall colours is a great place to begin your decorating. Walls occupy the largest surface area and are relatively hard to modify, so it makes sense to start there. When designing your new-born’s first room, go for colours that will help keep them calm and well-rested. Some popular options include subdued cool colours (blue, green and purple), muted warm colours (pink and yellow), earth tones (brown and beige), and white. The best part about these colours is that they will still suit your baby even as they grow and develop their own tastes.

If you’d like to make your walls pop more and look a little more unique, a great way to achieve it in moderation is to paint only one wall as an “accent wall” or use temporary, removable wallpaper that you can easily remove when your little one grows out of it. When they’re not sleeping, your little one will enjoy having visual stimuli. Decorating is worth the extra effort!

Calming Lighting

Your choice in nursery lighting is as important as your choice in wall colour. When choosing lighting fixtures, a good rule of thumb is to go for a warm and diffused feel. With that guideline in mind, there are many ways to customise your lighting and make it beautiful. You can use dimmers, install string lights or find some cute lamps. At night, you can turn on a beautiful star projector or precious night light to create the exact restful ambiance you’d like.

Too much light can be harmful, so you’ll need ways to control daytime lighting as well. Prepare sufficient window dressing to keep the room dim when your child is sleeping. This precaution help prevents overheating and infant SIDS.

Soft Textures Galore

Your Guide to a Cosy & Beautiful Baby’s Room
Image: OyOy
Beautiful textiles such as quilts, fuzzy rugs, knits, and cushions are essential for creating a cosy feel in your baby’s room. Whether baby is hanging out with mommy in the rocking chair or tumbling on a play rug, snoozing and relaxing should never be far away. When they’re all tuckered out, you’ll have everything ready to swaddle them up and transfer them to their crib. It’s a bonus if they’re already bundled up in their cosy sleep gear, such as their favourite onesie.

If you’ve got hardwood floors in your nursery, a good rug is especially important. I am particularly in love with warm and inviting faux bear rugs, which double as an adorable friend.

Inspiration from Nature

Nature-inspired decor is not only uplifting for mommy, but also great for teaching your little one about their place in the big wide world. Most children have a natural affinity for nature, particularly animals. That’s why so many successful kids’ films, TV shows, and picture books aren’t about people, but about animals.

Your Guide to a Cosy & Beautiful Baby’s Room
Image: Unsplash

There are lots of ways to incorporate an animal or nature motif into your nursery. Decorations such as wall/window decals and framed artwork will help enliven the mood, while baby-safe house plants will purify air and bring baby one step closer to nature. Boho-style fixtures such as feather dream catchers may just inspire some infant wanderlust.

Snooze-Friendly Furniture

Your Guide to a Cosy & Beautiful Baby’s Room
Image: OyOy
I don’t recommend being a total perfectionist, but I definitely do recommend being picky about furniture. Your child needs a good, safe place to sleep and you need to a comfortable place for nursing. Whether they sleep on their own or co-sleep with you, there are options perfect for the situation. Research all the pros and cons of bassinets, co-sleeper bassinets, changing tables, cribs and “loungers” to find out which cosy option is ideal for your nursery setup.

For nursing, a glider, rocker or couch can all be great options. It’s your spot, so pick something you can truly be comfortable in. If you’re busy and need a little help getting your baby to sleep, you can also invest in a beautifully-designed modern rocker that will make catching Zzs that much easier.

Personalise It

Your Guide to a Cosy & Beautiful Baby’s Room
Image: Sebra
A child’s first few years are a precious story, and the most unforgettable children’s rooms are the ones that tell that story. Crafting special keepsakes like growth-trackers and framed hand/footprints is among my favourite things to do with my little ones. I keep them in the nursery where friends, family and, someday, my children will get to admire them.

Another great way to tell a story with your baby’s nursery is by making DIY projects for them. If you’re handy with carpentry tools, needle-and-thread, or paintbrush, you can channel your love into functional or beautiful items that were made just for your child.

Don’t Stress, Nest!

The nesting process is as important for you as it is for your new arrival. The anticipation and preparation can be a lot to handle. When creating and decorating your child’s nursery, think about what will help you feel rested and happy when the due date comes. That’s as worthy a goal to work towards as any!

Written by Constante Quirino
Slider: Sebra PR

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