The top 7 winter skincare tips and our favourite seasonal beauty buys

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Glow in the dark! Winter's officially arrived. This means low temperatures, winds and central heating. Nothing that our skin adores or makes it glow. But there is help...

We have the top 7 winter skincare tips (plus our favourite seasonal beauty buys) to fight the dullness. Because keeping your skin hydrated, protected and healthy during the cold period can be challenging.

The sun will not be back for a while and without a little care we all risk looking tired and sad.

The top 7 winter skincare tips best winter beauty buys

Here are our top winter skincare tips and must-have products to keep you glowing during the next months:

1. Stay hydrated

Hydrate from the inside and drink plenty of winter. Dry skin will not only be solved with creams and oils, but is dictated by your hydration levels.
Without adequate water levels, your skin will appear dull, and pores will appear exaggerated, because your face shrinks into its tightest position. Skin becomes more dry and sensitive with cold weather and heating. So you must stay hydrated and stick to a gentle skincare routine.

2. Keep an eye on your feet

Feet also become dry and cracked in the winter months. Exfoliate them often and use a good moisturiser.

3. Use bath time to hydrate

Why not taking a bath to unwind and to hydrate your skin at the same time. Great moment to get on those feet as well. (see no.2) Use a bath oil and enjoy.

4. Keep the serum out

Antioxidant serums are perfect for year-round usage, because a serum is more like a concentrated lightweight moisturiser.

5. Cleansing

All the winter conditions like heating and cold will leave your skin dryer than normal. Which means that you probaly need to change your cleanser for this period. Use a gentle cleanser that prepares your skin to absorb the cream or serum you will after better.

6. Watch your Lips

Prevent your lips from getting chapped or cracked and apply a natural lip balm whenever necessary. Beeswax for example will seal in moisture.

7. Wear SPF throughout the year

Yes! Even in winter. UVA rays are constantly present, and cause the skin to age. Wearing SPF on your face will help keep your skin looking radiant and healthy.

And here are our favourite winter beauty buys:

favourite winter beauty buys

L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream

This ultra rich body cream is for dry to very dry skin. By containing an exceptional concentration of Shea butter, it will deliver intense nourishment to the skin.  It is enriched with apricot oil and natural extracts and provides lasting hydration.

Ameliorate Intensive Hand Treatment

This intensive hand treatment cream is fabulous to smooth rough, dry hands. It exfoliates, renews, softens, moisturises and protects your delicate hands. We love it!

Skyn ICELAND Winter Break Kit

If there is a country who knows a thing or two about winter, it is Iceland. And this cool radiance-minded kit from Skyn will restore, replenish and have stressed skin glowing in minutes.

Espa Winter Comforts

These nourishing products soothe and comfort distressed skin, hair and scalp. The kit will winter-proof your skin and restore your natural radiance with a blend of marine actives, plant actives and essential oils.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado

A nourishing eye cream is a must. Formulated with avocado oil, this rich treatment smoothest on the eye area for rich hydration.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

This cult favourite nourishes skin and enhances your skin’s radiance, for a natural glow. With antioxidant-rich, organic wild rosehip oil and a balancing blend of organic geranium and patchouli essential oils.

Burts Bees lip balm

100% natural lip balms to moisturise and nourish lips. Beeswax and antioxidant vitamin E condition your skin, for a soothing lip treatment. The best!

Next to looking after your skin, we also have great Self Care for Mums tips for you.


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