10 All-time classic Spanish children’s fashion brands you will love

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I always try to bring you the latest and best Spanish brands available, especially the ones that are trending or emerging right now.  However, I realized that there are some very important Spanish fashion brands for children that I have never told you about. Classic Spanish children's fashion brands.

Spanish classic children's fashion brands

Photo Cóndor collections, Instagram @petitemarvels

These are traditional brands with many years of experience. They might not have the most trendy collections of the moment, but their collections are still often must-have basics that everyone should know about. Additionally, these brands offer the kind of quality and experience that many business owners would die for. Let’s be frank, most of these labels have existed for quite a while. Some of them have been in business for 70 years! If you do not offer an outstanding product and have a top-notch service, you cannot have a fashion business that survives for 70 years!

The brands I want to talk to you about form the basis of the Spanish fashion sector. They set up the quality bar. No, wait, they are THE BAR.

While some of them have certainly had their low moments, especially during the economic crisis around 2008, a lot of them are experiencing a comeback. People are increasingly appreciating these special products again. In some cases, their fame has even reached members of the royalty and other major fashion influencers. Everybody is charmed by the style and high quality of these often handmade and unique garments. Let’s start with this selection. I hope you enjoy getting to know these great classic Spanish brands.

10 all-time classic Spanish children’s fashion brands you will love


I wanted to start with Cóndor because they are an institution in Spain.

Their socks and tights have been part of our lives since 1898! You cannot find anybody my age who doesn’t know about Cóndor and their knitted products. They make them in an amazing variety of colours with inspiring names, such as Jade, Sage, or Lichen. Some of the items are available in 50 different tones!

Doña Carmen

Another iconic and classic brand is Doña Carmen. I am in love with these Mary Jane shoes for little children. They are made of the softest leather you can imagine. Princess Charlotte is wearing them in this picture taken by her mother. Doña Carmen is a brand that dates back to 1970.

classic Spanish children's fashion brands

M&H Baby

M&H Baby is another brand I wanted to tell you about. They might not have been in business as long as some of the other names featured in here, but they have definitely earned a place within Spain’s classic fashion world. Their collections include mainly baby and kids garments through age 3. They design and make every piece using the highest quality Spanish fabrics. Their head-to-toe little sets are loved all around the world.

classic Spanish children's fashion brands


classic Spanish children's fashion brands

Martín Aranda

Our next featured brand is Martin Aranda. Since 1965, they have designed and produced clothes for babies and small children. From raw materials through production, all of their garments are 100% Spain-made.

Their lovely clothes are combined with some wonderful knitted pieces.

classic Spanish children's fashion brands

classic Spanish children's fashion brands



Marae is another classic Spanish children’s fashion brands, specializes in wool coats for both women and children. For more than 35 years, they have been producing these stylish coats made of only the best materials. Every garment is made at their location in Zamora, Spain—an area that’s been specializing in wool garments for centuries. The result is soft, ultra warm, and practical coats that stay fresh generation after generation.

classic Spanish children's fashion brands


In 1969 three friends founded ARTESANIA MAC, S. A., dedicated exclusively to the production of hand-knit baby clothes. A lot of things have changed in the course of the years, but one thing has remained the same: The clothes made by this company always feel like a second skin to babies. Their designs are elegant, soft, and classic.

Below pictures one of their party day garments.

classic Spanish children's fashion brands

Eli 1957

I have talked to you about Eli before. What can I add? They are probably the best children’s shoemakers in Spain. The whole family is so professional and so wonderful. They are true specialists, and one feels that they love doing what they do. They are caring, passionate people doing an outstanding job. That is it! Below is a picture of Princess Leonor and her younger sister, Infanta Sofia (Spain), during an official act both wearing Eli 1957 shoes.

classic Spanish children's fashion brands

Photo credit Hola Magazine


Irulea is a very special and heartwarming brand. Located in San Sebastián, one of the most traditional and classic cities in Spain when it comes to dressing (both children and adults), this shop was founded in 1932. The word “Irulea” means “spinner” in Basque.

In their own words:

We offer homemade products in a large variety of baby items, women’s lingerie, and household linens.

What really differentiates Irulea from other textile commerces is that we get closer to the tastes and needs of our customers, providing the experience of three generations.


Below is Princess Charlotte leaving the hospital in a handmade Irulea layette.

classic Spanish children's fashion brands

Classic Spanish children’s fashion brands for the first outfit for Princess Charlotte

classic Spanish children's fashion brands

Mi Lucero

Specialists in knitted garments, Mi Lucero is also one of those brands that should form the basis of a child’s classic wardrobe. Their garments are simply essential for any baby or child.

J.V. José Varón

Varón e Hijos, S.L. has more than 40 years of business experience in children’s fashion. They make a top-quality layette, but their collections have been expanding and now they range from swimwear to party looks for babies and children.

classic Spanish children's fashion brands


I hope you enjoyed the selection of classic Spanish children’s fashion brands. Next month, we will have a Christmas theme!

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