Editorial: Elegant Style for little Gentleman

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Sofia Vittoria Nanni

Kidswear dedicated to Boys had a kind of boom in the latest years. Obviously also little guys want to emphasize their personality though clothes. Follow up you will find a special editorial wit focus on elegant outfits for your male offspring

Fashion is often seen as a purely female field. Most labels often concentrate on the production of women’s clothing, and this is also often happened in children’s fashion. With this shooting, however, we prove that boys’ fashion has been completely wrongly pushed into the background. Elegant outfits, a style between modern and classic, all with an artistic touch… We love it!

In the land of citrus fruits

The colours of citrus fruits are a symbol of joy, vitality and radiance. They have been cultivated in Israel for generations and have become a symbol of the country. Recently, this country has also become famous for its artistic scene and especially for its fashion taste, as this photo shoot shows.

Who said that animal print is just for girls? The mixture of yellow and grey in the coat makes it a unisex piece and a real eye-catcher.

High Neck Shirt: Mango, Coat: Topshop, Hat: Jon Luis

Grapefruit tones range from orange to dark red. All noble colours that perfectly match garments with simple lines without decoration or frills.

Pullover and Pants: Zara Kids

Shirt and Pullover: Banana Republic, Pants: Zara Kids, Boots: Zeadim+

Lace is another element that is more associated with feminine fashion. But it also works very well on boys, doesn’t it? Bordeaux is a colour that has become very popular in recent years and can be combined with many other shades.

Hat: Mango, Pullover and Pants: Zara Kids, Shoes: Zeadim+

Shirt white: Gunt, Lace shirt und Pants: Zara Kids

T-Shirt: Anthropologie, Coat: Max Mara

The lime also belongs to the citrus fruit family and surprises with many shiny green tones. These go perfectly with neutral colours like camel or complementary colours like red.

Left: High Neck Pullover: Mango, Jacket: Massimo Dutti | Right:Pants and Socks: COS Kids, Shoes: Zeadim+

Slider- Teaserphoto:
Coat: Zara Kids, Shorts: Joha, Socks: COS Kids, Shoes: Zeadim+

Creative and photography: Hadass Azrieli | https://www.instagram.com/hadass_azrieli/

Styling: Ora A. | https://www.instagram.com/ora_styling/

Model: Eytan Sigal | https://www.instagram.com/sigal.eytan/

For: Elite-Israel | https://www.instagram.com/elite_israel/

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