The charming Vintage room of Zofia

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Today we are on a visit in Poland. A town called Gdynia by the Baltic coast and we are discovering the charming vintage room from little Zofia.

Getting a peek into other people’s houses is always the best inspiration. How do they set up their space, how do they decorate and which details make a difference.

You may discover things that you never thought you would like or colour combinations you never thought would work together. Pure inspiration.

Today you have the chance to visit the charming children Vintage room of Zofia. A true paradise full of history and finds!

The charming Vintage room of Zofia

But first we wanted to know a little bit more about Kasia, Zofia’s mum, the designer of this room. About her, her inspiration and the story of the room.

Kasia, is a mum of two,  5 year old daughter Zofia and 1,5 year old son Antoni. She used to work in finance corporation in London, but when she got pregnant with her first child, together with her husband they decided to live life without the rush and they moved back to their home country, settling in Gdynia, Poland. On their return, Kasia decided to make on old dream come true, which was to study interior design and open an interior design studio. The studio is called and.home and an inspiration that we should pursue our dreams and passions.

Who is this little girl living here?

Zofia is a fantastic little girl with strong temperament and an artistic soul. She is brave and always writing her own story. For example, at the age of 4 she was already surfing and sailing on Baltic waves. An adventurous little person.

What was the core idea when creating this room?

Kasia wanted her space to be rather natural, with meaningful vintage accents and everything that was purchased to be ecological and sustainable.

Hence, all furniture is second hand and/ or made of wood and rattan. Some of the furniture is almost 100years old and carry a lot of history.

The white chest of drawers is coming from Kasia’s home and it was already standing in her room when she was a little girl.

The textiles, mainly from Numero 74, are environment-friendly textiles.

Stay neutral with no theme

Kasia says: Kids themed rooms are very popular nowadays, usually following (a rather short-term) fascination of a child. As an interior designer, I always try to avoid “hot” one-season trends in my projects. You may think vintage is one of them – but for me it is an anti-trend. A way of respecting things by giving them a second life, memorising, respecting people’s work (often hand made) and nature.

The goal was not to over-design it

Children should live in rather free than strictly designed space where all elements have to keep “their right angle” to look absolutely wonderful. (also see this kids room that follows the same idea)
Kasia sees a lot of spaces on a daily basis where some “personalised” details are copied from one room to another. The same posters or trendy toys. She did not want to expose Zofia to trends and kept the room timeless.

Stay flexible

All furniture can be used in a different context, which gives Zofia and Kasia flexibility. And they can turn this room into something else when she grows up a bit.

Would you like to see your child’s room featured? Please get in touch.

All images: and.home

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