Interior Design and Colour Trends for 2018

Interior Design and Colour Trends for 2018

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After our fashion trend report for 2018 , that you were really interested in, we want to tackle the trends for design and colour for 2018 today.

Fashion comes in seasons and is a fast business nowadays. What was trendy yesterday can be very outdated a week later. Or so it seems.

The colour trend is usually defined by the Pantone colour of the year. For 2018 it is Ultra Violet. Like it or not, you will see it everywhere.
You can expect to see this colour to enter mainstream fashion ranges as well as influencing interior design. The colour inspires creativity and is also linked back to themes of mindfulness and deeper connections. Purple symbolises experimentation and non-conformity in an over-stimulated world.

And next to violet? These are the top three colour trends for 2018:

Colour Trends for 20181. Natural

Natural, earthy tones. Raw, organic textures and materials. Warm, calm and rich.
Lush earth tones that feel both sophisticated and natural!

2. Muted

Imagine a shade of dusty rose, a soft colour that combines the simple chic of ecru and the vivacity of a classic pink. 2018 will give way to a more minimalist colour palette. Soft, washed pastels like mint greens and sandy pinks will be strong this year. Muted hues such as blush, taupe, apricot and duck egg blue will be used on a wide scale. Combined with neutrals (see No.1), these will result in an understated and stylish aesthetic. Oh and Millennial Pink stays.

3. Monotone

Black, white and the full spectrum of greys, especially when used with a pop of vibrant colour (Ultra Violet for example) in accessories, will also be popular. And will result in a beautiful, elegant design.

All trends do work very well for nurseries or kids rooms too. Perfect background for colourful toys, happy cushions and buntings.

And the top three interior design trends for 2018:

Interior design Trends for 20181. Grown-up nurseries

Pink, baby blue and uber-cute is really over. Gender-neutral nurseries with a grown-up vibe are here. The Scandinavian trend definitely helped to open the world of unisex home accessories to more people. It does not mean that the kids room will look like your living room but it fits right in with your sense of aesthetics.

2. Gold accessories

Think rusted metals and rough textures. The metallic trend started last year and this year gold is booming. Gold details like door knobs or gold lamp bases. A sideboard or a golden mirror in a monotone room is stunning.
Gold accessories are a sophisticated yet understated addition.

3. More

More texture, colours, comfort and eclectic style. The ‘less is more’ trend backwards!
Velvet is coming back for example. Comforting, tactile and strong.
And details are becoming more and more important in home design. Adding a little ‘more’ in your home…
We want to express ourselves and in a time where everything tends to look the same (check your Instagram) this is a good trend!
Overall it feels like everyone is looking for extra comfort and reassurance. The home as a safe haven in a world that is so politically and ecologically turbulent.

And we like the mix of pastel, muted colours, gold accessories and excellent details! What about you?

And if you are interested to know more about kids rooms, you should read our contributors Ursula posts. She is an kids interior designer based in London, UK.


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