The 10 best changing tables for your nursery

The 10 best changing tables for your nursery

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A changing table is one of the key items in every nursery. Primarily to change diapers but you can also use them to give your baby a massage and to get them dressed. Investing in a timeless piece of furniture that you can transform once the nappy years are over is crucial. But there are also other facts to consider before you decide on the perfect changing table for your home and needs.

Keeping your baby safe is important. And you want the table to provide a pleasant space for both mum and dad. Because you will use it many times during your day (and night) for several years. Another thing to keep in mind is the functionality. Having everything, think nappies, creams and clothing, within arm’s reach makes the whole changing procedure much easier…

The 10 best changing tables for your nursery

To help you deciding, we gathered 10 changing tables that caught our eye and that are very practical as well as multi functional. We have something for small spaces, with lots of storage or for fans of minimalist interiors:

charlie krane changing table
Charlie Crane Noga changing table
This changing table is beautiful, practical as well as modern and the perfect solution for small spaces. The Noga securely attaches to the wall providing a unique space saving option. It provides shelves for all your changing essentials and looks lovely even when closed due to its sleek design!

Oliver Furniture changing table
Oliver Furniture changing table
Oliver Furniture makes a changing table extension for all its dressers. Shown here is the elegant and contemporary six drawer dresser in white. And the beautifully carved nursery plate easily transforms the dresser into a changing station. For this big dresser you can even choose from 2 sizes – either you can cover the whole top or just one half. As you prefer. With the discrete edges, both the small and the large nursery plate create a visual harmony when combined with the dresser.

quax changing table
Quax changing table
Modern style that comes in either white, natural or black.  QUAX furniture is made for all interiors, suiting kids’ bedrooms just as well as living rooms. Fitting baskets are available as well.

linea-changing-table leander
Leander Linea changing table
Available in oak, beech and white. And the cover is available in many trendy colours as well.
Best thing: It is height adjustable!
And you can even buy a drawer to fit, in case you prefer things ‘hidden’…

Changing TOWER by BZBX
A contemporary changing table made from a sleek coated metal frame. Which holds two wooden storage boxes that have acrylic dividers for storing and organising changing essentials. Designed with the ambition of creating a modern, simple and functional piece of furniture.
We love: Later the Changing TOWER converts into a Cubby House and the ‘tent’ can be purchased separately.

Sebra changing table
The Sebra changing table comes in white or grey. Later it converts into a classic cupboard and will be part of your home for many years to come.

stokke care changing table Inspirational Stokke Stokke Home Changer White
Stokke Home changer
This flexible changer unit is an attachment to either the dresser, the bed or the cradle stand from the Stokke Home collection. Which makes it very versatile. Plus you have a convenient storage box that you can attach to either side for all changing essentials.
We love: Turns into a play table/ little desk with the cradle stand when the diaper days are over!

lifetime changing unit
Lifetime changing unit
Practical changing table with drawers for all the baby stuff. This cool changing table can be transformed into a junior desk later on.

camcam copenhagen_Changing_Table
Harlequin Changing Table
An exclusive changing table with great functionality and a modern look. Available in three classic colours: Grey, White and Petroleum. The changing table has a long life span and can easily be transformed into a regular cupboard. Therefore it can be used anywhere in your home and long after the baby’s changing time.

olli s out changing table
Milky Changer
The Milky Changer from Danish brand Ollie|s|Out, is a great option for all the hours that you will spend changing, talking and pampering your baby. With a practical shelf underneath and a drawer on the side, this changing table allows you to have all your necessities at hand.
When your baby is out of diapers and a changing table is no longer needed, simply remove the changing pad and turn the table into a dresser.

Now that you know all about changing tables, you may want to find out more about great storage solutions for the kids room too.

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Slider: Charlie Crane & Leander

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