Lunamag’s March picks

Lunamag’s March picks

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Spring is here! Oh how we were waiting for this day. Have you spotted some flower blossoms yet? The beginning of Spring also means that our days are more less split in half. 12h of day and 12h of night.

This is called the March equinox. The moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from South to North.

But enough with the facts and out in the warmer air. To help and to celebrate today we have our picks for March ready. Things that caught our attention. Made us swoon or laugh.

We hope it will do the same with you:

knitted play food
Crocheted onions, radish, carrots or chili. Beautiful addition to any play kitchen! From MapleApple.
mimi lou sticker
Mimi’lou phosphorescent stickers. This is a set of lots of dots in different sizes. Up to you on how want to use them. We L O V E this idea.
Misha & Puff – we love the new Spring/Summer collection, especially the crochet pieces. Too cute for words!
Renoir swing chair
Something that you will keep forever and may lead to people inviting themselves to your home. The Renoir swing chair!
Did you see what is hot and trending in Spain this month?
No product but probably one of the coolest websites! Ueno. Try it!
The Bucket Stool is a seat or a step stool. Or both. Keep one in the kitchen for reaching top shelves or the bedroom as a seat while putting on your shoes.
For mum: Oversized silk scarf with fringed hem in beautiful blues.

Happy first day of Spring from us to you!

Slider: Misha & Puff

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