Family breakfasts from around the world!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet it is varies vastly from country to country. Sausages, chocolate sprinkles, cereals or miso soup. Why not trying something different tomorrow morning?

Family breakfast from around the world! Isn’t as interesting to see what other families prepare in the morning as getting a glimpse into their home decor?

Here in the UK, the famous full English with beans, sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, hash browns, toast, and a cup of tea is already a big meal compared to the South of Europe where breakfast usually consists of a pastry and a hot drink.

Traditional English breakfast
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Let’s have a look what families from around the world have for breakfast. Just keep in mind that not all dishes are strictly the only breakfast of one particular country. Because sometimes there just isn’t enough time or you are happy with a little pastry:


The beloved Vegemite spread on toast. Usually accompanied with a lot of fruit.


Strong coffee for the parents and milk for the children. Families eat soft bread with ham or cheese. Or a traditional Feijoada, a thick soup made with black beans and different meats.


Traditional breakfasts vary by region, it is a big country after all. But fried dough sticks and warm soy milk is very popular all over the country. They are called youtiao and you dip or soak them in the milk.


Everything revolves around arepas. A dense, slightly sweet corn cake that’s served with butter for a simple breakfast. Or topped with eggs, meat, or jam.

Arepas Colombia family breakfast
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Foul Madamas ismade from fava beans, chickpeas, garlic and lemon. For breakfast it is topped with olive oil, cayenne, tahini sauce, a hard boiled egg, and some green vegetables.


On a German breakfast table you will traditionally find different kinds of bread, cold meats and cheeses. And also butter and jam.


A staple breakfast in Iceland is oatmeal porridge called hafragrautur. Cooked in water or milk and served with brown sugar, fruit or surmjolk (sour milk).  Usually accompanied with a spoon of cod-liver oil. To boost Vitamin D levels, because for a big part of the year, the sun barely clears Iceland’s horizon.


A light family breakfast consists of Naan bread with butter and jam. Otherwise Iranians eat halim, a mixture of wheat, cinnamon, butter and sugar cooked with shredded meat in huge pots.


The Middle Eastern egg dish shakshuka is a common choice. It is made with onions, peppers, tomato paste, and eggs.
Eaten with toasted bread and maybe some tahini sauce.

israel family brekfast
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Traditional breakfasts include miso soup, steamed white rice, pickled vegetables, and proteins like fish and a Japanese omelet.

japanese family breakfast
Japanese miso soup, tea and steamed white rice
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The first meal of the day is very hearty. Chilaquiles and huevos rancheros are popular choices. Chilaquiles are tortilla chips smothered in green or red sauce and topped with cheese and egg.


A typical Filipino breakfast is rather large.Bread rolls, rice porridge, garlic fried rice, eggs and sausages.
Children get a cup of cocoa or tea and the parents some coffee.


Breakfast in Thailand is not very different to the other dishes during the day. Usually a minty, spicy fish or meat, served with rice.
Children usually eat khao thom, a lighter broth-based rice soup with a variety of ingredients including sliced chicken, minced pork balls, shrimp, and vegetables.

The Netherlands

Hagelslag. A slice of bread, butter and sprinkles on top is the favourite breakfast in The Netherlands. The sweet sprinkles come in multiple flavors like chocolate, vanilla, fruit, and sizes (small, large, shavings).
Very easy and definitely a hit with the kids.


A traditional breakfast consists of bread, cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey, and sucuk, a spicy Turkish sausage. And Turkish tea!


Thick pancakes with bacon, syrup and blueberries are popular as well as cold cereal, especially for the children.
Eggs , toast and hash browns are very popular too.

Breakfasts around the world – we have noted some ideas… and you?

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