6 easy ways to make your kid’s room look more beautiful for spring

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It’s March and spring will soon be with us.

I find this time of year is perfect for a room refresh. You don’t need lots of money to make your kids’ rooms look more beautiful and ready for spring. Here are some simple tips!

kids room makeover spring
Image: Fleurs d’Amelie

1. Have a clear-out

If you haven’t done it already at the start of the new year, now is the time to have a good clear-out. The room will look calmer, more spacious, and you’ll be able to see clearer what it needs to pull it together.

kids room makeover spring
Image: Lina Ostling

2. Sort out your storage

After a clear-out, you’ll be better able to assess what extra storage is needed to organise your child’s toys and other possessions. If you need extra baskets or boxes, go for similar looking ones to keep the look consistent, and label them clearly. Apart from hiding the things that let the decor down, well organised storage makes it easier to keep a room tidy and looking good.

kids room makeover spring
Image: Blesserhouse

3. Edit colour

Look around the room and decide on two or three main colours or materials that are already there, which you’d like to take the lead in the room. Look at the floor, the curtains, what material the furniture is made of, any favourite art…
Then emphasise the colours you’ve chosen by editing out other colours (storing dissonant items out of view, replacing, removing). Your aim is not to make everything in the room matchy-matchy, but to streamline things a bit.

kids room makeover spring
Image: Room to Bloom

4. Hang some art

A super quick and inexpensive way of pulling a room together, is to hang some inexpensive prints that coordinate with the main colours of the room. When making future purchases, refer to the art (a photo on your mobile) to remember and emphasise the scheme.

kids room makeover spring
Image: Andrea Papini

5. Make a cosy bed

I’m a fan of layers to create a cosy bed. Even if your child doesn’t strictly need cushions and a throw, it makes the bed look inviting and offers another opportunity to emphasise a certain colour scheme, mood or theme. Think about your sofa… you could leave it bare, but doesn’t it look so much nicer and cosy with some cushions?

kids room makeover spring
Image: Avenue Lifestyle

6. Style a shelf

If your child has a shelf or other surface for display, edit it down so just the best looking things remain. You could group things by colour, shape or theme. Add some greenery to add variation and bring life to the display.

Happy decorating!

Slider: Fleurs d’Amelie / Avenue Lifestyle / Christine Simply Bloom / Blesserhouse

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