Children Interior Design Trends for 2019

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It is that time of the year when many of us look back and set new goals for the year ahead. We are all about to make some exciting new fresh starts. And with the holidays glitz just starting to wear off it is a perfect time to think about your home's new direction in 2019.

Because kids’ spaces deserve as much (or even more!) attention as any other room in your home – here are some inspiring children interior design trends for 2019.

  1. Sustainability

Over recent years there has been a big rise in the number of children’s brands who offer high quality items produced with nature and community in mind. As a result interior designers and decorators find easier than even to create ethical spaces having sustainability at the core of our values. Think natural, reusable and responsibly sourced materials. They are the likes of reclaimed wood, rattan, bamboo and natural fibres, such as jute, flax, wool and organic cotton. BPA free silicone as a more sustainable alternative to plastic. Non-toxic water-based paints and natural oils for colouring are also a big trend. You can now go green to the tiniest detail in your child’s space. Eco toys and ethical accessories are widely available on the market and this children interior design trend is to see a huge growth in 2019.


Image: @fleursdamelie


Image: Woodchuck

      2.  Warm earthy tones

Warm and natural tones have made a big entry into children’s interior design this year. Brighter colours are making way for neutral tones such as beige, sand and nutty hues. It is increasingly common to find kids’ rooms entirely created with an earthy, neutral colour scheme in mind, with small strokes of cooler natural greens, greys, and warmer pinks and whites. Increasingly parents opt for such palette for their kids’ rooms. There is little doubt such spaces positively impact their little dwellers by creating a calm and cosy backdrop for play, studies and sleep.



Images: @katharinamaria

3. Floral patterns

Floral patterns in textiles and wallpaper have made a comeback in children’s interior decoration. Using floral textiles will add character to the room no matter if you aim for sweet romantic look or a more dramatic vintage vibe. For a balanced and coordinated look layer floral patterns with solid colours and patterns within similar colour palette.


Image: found on Pinterest


Image: Naked Lunge

      4. Beautiful design along with increased functionality

Good design is always about both form and function. Many designers are now hard at work creating amazing multi purpose products and furniture. And they are more practical than ever before! Now getting a piece of furniture that grows with your child is easy peasy. Imagine there was a children’s chair, which improves posture and increases concentration? Oh, but there is one already, it is designed by Masahiko Ito.  And there is more to come in 2019.


Image: Dezeen

      5. Geometrically painted walls

If you are planning your to refresh your child’s room or creating a nursery from scratch this year – here is something to think about.Geometrically painted walls are an easy way to make a room look fun and is a quicker and less expensive alternative to wallpaper.


Image: Project Town

      6. Chunky rugs and textured yarns

Increasingly this year our kids walls are given a greater deal of attention than ever. The chunky knitted rugs and macrames can easily add a romantic touch to any room. Hang one up for an artsy textured aesthetic.


Image: @chloeuberkid

Here is a quick tip for you:

It’s rather easy to create interest in your child’s room by using space on one of the walls.

  • hang a chunky woven rug
  • place a couple of picture ledges on the wall for framed art and photographs or books
  • hang up a cute animal head
  • complete with a fun garland or two


If you are after some ideas on how to make your child’s space more sustainable – here is a guide on ethical gifts for children by small indie brands.

Slider Image: @winterdaisykids