Hot chocolate 5 different ways


Brrrrr.... it is cold outside. And instead of complaining (we can't change it anyway) we embrace and make the most out of it. Extending the snuggle season for example. On our sofa, with some hot chocolate and a movie. Does it get more cosy than this?

And why not trying some new recipes at the same time? If we have to ditch the fresh lemonades and ice teas at the moment we can experiment with the hot chocolate! What do you think? Are you in?

And chances are that you will discover the best hot chocolate recipe.
We warned you!

Be careful – this recipe may lead to addiction. Hot chocolate the Italian way – thick and creamy! Hmmm…
Electric Blue Food has a great recipe for you. More like a dessert or a snack. It is rich and a small cup will make you feel very happy.


posh Hot Chocolate
Fancy! Let’s do fancy. For the fancy occasion of having snow in March.
Recipe by A Cozy Kitchen. Includes all the real stuff from fresh cinnamon to luxury chocolate and real vanilla. Have fun!


white hot chocolate
From fancy to a recipe that might get the kids more excited than you. Strawberry White Hot Chocolate!
Ampersand Design Studio definitely had a fun idea with this recipe and it does have a little Spring feeling with the strawberries!


S’mores Hot Chocolate. Oh yes. This will warm you up but will also make you dream about those long summer evenings. Hopefully we can sit outside and make s’mores soon, but until then we follow this recipe from KJ & Company.


Hot chocolate 5 different ways
Homemade hot chocolate mix. Prepare this mix by epicurious and always have a yummy hot chocolate in reach.


Now it feels a little better that Easter will probably be colder than Christmas this season! Make sure to scribble down the ingredients of these hot chocolate recipes on your next grocery shopping list.

Slider: epicurious / Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Prop Styling by Alex Brannian, Food Styling by Katherine Sacks

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