Floral decor items for a happy children’s room

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Hello Friday! We think that there is a little too much grey around us at the moment and want to 'refresh' everything by looking at these beautiful floral accessories.

Because floral decor items instantly make for a happy children’s room!

First of all – who does not love flowers? Remember the change the moment you put a fresh bunch of flowers on your kitchen table or mantlepiece? Exactly, the room feels more cheerful and merry.

So why not bring in some floral accessories for constant joyfulness?


Therefore we gathered our favourite floral accessories for the children’s room:


1. Natural coloured raffia storage basket with beautiful hand embroidered flowers. And not only for the children’s room.

2. This nature rug is adorned with a vibrant array of animals, insects and flowers.

3. Knitted Daisy pillow from oeuf.

4. Reversible garden quilted blanket from Le Petit Lucas du Tertre.


1. Florist’s Dream – gorgeous removable wallpaper.

2. Delicate Floral Vine bumper pad from Garbo & Friends. This looks stunning in a white or natural crib.

3. Fresh, colourful and full of summer vibes: Hibiscus Cushion.

4. Herbarium alphabet wall art poster. Lovely pressed flower illustration that will enhance any nursery or kids room.



1. Beautiful Fauna plaid from Garbo & Friends.

2. Les Gambettes: Retro chair with floral print.

3. Hanako floral duvet cover from Camomile London.


Would you like some more children’s interior inspiration? How about this stunning nursery or our nursery decor guide.

Enjoy your long weekend everyone!

Slider: Le Petit Lucas du Tertre

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