5 smart ideas for your small children's room

5 smart ideas for your small children’s room

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Kids do not need a lot of space. They do need a room where they feel safe and where they can be creative. And with some creativity, small spaces can turn into bright and lovely children's rooms.

Of course, we love to dream about high ceilings and rooms the size of a ballroom. But very often the reality is different. And here are the good news – size is not the most important factor when it comes to designing a great children’s room. A small space might challenge your creativity a little more but often turns into a very smart and well thought out room.

Naturally, we would like a bright and well-organised room for our children. For them to play, to do homework and to dream. And with a little bit of imagination, this can be done with a small space as well! 5 smart ideas for your small children's room

How to start:

Start thinking about what you actually really need in the room. The basics like a bed, storage, desk, and a chair. A tiny room will really stop you from adding unnecessary things and get you acquainted with the ‘less is more’ lifestyle we are all after.

How to organise a clutter-free small bedroom:

1. Use the space under the bed.

2. Declutter often.

3. Read our very helpful article about ‘decluttering children’s spaces.

Here are 5 very smart and small children’s rooms to give you some inspiration for your own home:

small kids room ideas
Image: Ikea
Bright colours, storage under the bed and every cm is used to perfection and the whole makes for a delightful room.

small kids room ideas
Image: Avenue Lifestyle
Yes, every nook can and should be used. Like here, where it makes for a small and yet very cute desk.

monochrome small room ideasmonochrome small room ideas
Image: Gravity Home
Very tiny space but looking very stylish with the monochrome scheme. We are sure that you will find some storage under the bed as well!

small kids room in the attic
Image: Bolig Pluss
Creating a romantic and beautiful space under the attic done right. This is adorable and very inspiring! Surely the little person living here must adore her room.

small space ideas
Image: Gravity Home
Soft colours and the bed built high up to create a lot of storage space underneath. You see that this is a popular solution for small spaces. And a very clever one.

Space-smart storage ideas:

1. If your bed allows for storage space underneath, use it.

2. Invest in multi-use furniture! Half-wardrobe, half-drawer options can be very useful in a small room. Or a small desk that doubles as a bedside table.

3. Peg-boards. They look great and can be easily re-arranged and make for an adjustable storage solution. Win-win!

Colours for small children’s rooms:

Bright and neutral colours and lots of natural light – if possible- brighten up any small space.


What do you think? A small space can really turn into a delightful and creative space. It can be really cosy as well.

Slider: Gravity Home, Ikea, Bolig Pluss & Avenue Lifestyle