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Children love animals. And that is why they can be found in their rooms in the form of cuddly toys, posters and wallpaper. Combined with a few splashes of colour, this creates a feel-good place for mum and baby.

When interior specialists set about furnishing their own homes, the result can sometimes look somewhat impersonal. Like from a catalogue. Although furniture and decoration are perfectly coordinated, everything is often a little too much.

Stylist Kate Jordan proves that there is another way with her daughter Isabel’s nursery. Kate lives in New York with her family  and provides you with inspiration for your own nursery.

nursery inspiration from a stylist

Kate’s goal was to create a warm atmosphere in the baby room and make it fun for the kids too. And Mama Kate had fun when she set it up as well.

Originally she was very excited to finally have a pink room in her house. “But in the end that was too much of a cliché for me,” she laughs. Although Kate is a professional stylist, for her own nursery she worked together with her husband. The idea of choosing a cool mint green colour for the wall came from David, for example. Kate was not immediately convinced, and it took a few weeks until she agreed. Today she is happy about this decision.

As a contrast there is a striking animal wallpaper from Anthropologie on one wall: “It inspires my daughter. She loves to point to all the different animals.”  And the wallpaper is just an expression of Kate’s penchant for the animal world. “I’ve been collecting cuddly toys for a long time. As a stylist I could always say: I need them as props. But somehow I already had my future child in mind.

nursery furniture

Cuddly toys are a must in every nursery

When she was pregnant, Kate bought a little stuffed animal for her baby in every town she visited. Isabel’s daughter’s remarkable collection is housed in small baskets and in a round Ferm Living shelf. A large giraffe, a gift from Kate’s sister, and an unidentifiable animal from a vintage shop – already thought to be a sheep or a polar bear – watch over Isabel’s sleep next to the bed.

Although the animal theme is dominant in the room, Kate didn’t want to leave it there.
“The pear poster breaks up the animal world, I think it’s important that there’s a bit of variety. Otherwise it quickly becomes monotonous”.

ferm living round kids shelf

Styled Baby Rooms: Too Good to Be True

In Isabel’s realm there are many different textures and a mix of colours and patterns. “I love baby rooms where you feel like you’re in a little nest. There shouldn’t be anything too big or imposing,” says the stylist.

Kate admits that the room is not as harmoniously designed as it looks in the photos: “All the practical, less beautiful things are not depicted. Of course, there’s also a rocker, which immediately rocks Isabel to sleep. There is the dream baby room where everything is perfect, and there is reality.”

If you’re looking for even more inspiration for the baby room, read on to find out what tips other professionals have for you.

Photos: Kate Mathis

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