children’s fashion brands from Scandinavia

The most original children’s fashion brands from Scandinavia

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The Nordic children's fashion scene is famous for high-quality fabrics and known for being made for kids who want to be kids. Playful, functional and durable.

The Scandinavian children’s fashion trend has been booming for over 10 years. Therefore we put together a guide to need-to-know Scandinavian brands. From gender neutral, to denim specialists or fashion forward. Scandinavia is more diverse than many think.

Here are the most original children’s fashion brands from Scandinavia that you should know. And that made the Scandinavian fashion scene to what it is today:

mini rodini

Mini Rodini

With Mini Rodini you will look fun no matter what you do! Founded in Stockholm in 2006 as a “tribute to all children and their imagination and sense that everything is possible”.
Innovative and creative designs, playful with outstanding quality. Not to forget the philosophy behind Mini Rodini:  creating kids wear, which shows personality, is comfortable to wear and which is produced with sustainability and social responsibility at the core.

soft gallery

Soft Gallery

Soft Gallery creates beautiful and poetic luxury children’s clothing. Every item is a soft canvas brought to life by artists from all over the world. In addition, each season, Soft Gallery represents a selection of new artists who create exclusive styles. The current collection celebrates childhood because our kids are only young once.



The idea behind Gro is to celebrate the life of children. GRO means GROW – and every mum and dad know that the most devout time is when our children grow up.  And they wanted to design clothes for all the children that grow each day. Perfect every day basics in very high quality.

iglo indi


Founded in 2008 by fashion designer Helga Ólafsdóttir and based in Iceland. You can find crisp colours, unique prints and playfulness. And with all iglo+indi collections children can mix and match their own outfits without limitations.
Handmade illustrations, comfortable cuts and soft organic fabrics make it a creative and cool brand for all kids – from baby to tween.



FUB creates classic, easy to wear knitwear that stands the test of time. Very conscious of the environment and of children’s health, all clothes are made from organic fabrics, without any pesticides. Since 2006 the shapes are classic and the patterns are kept simple.


Mar Mar Copenhagen

Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year! MarMar Copenhagen designs cool kid’s wear that is characterized by contrasts: Country-chic and urban cool, old and new, luxurious and functional.
In addition to the seasonal collections, MarMar offers an extensive never-out of-stock range consisting of popular basics.

i dig denim

I dig denim

I dig denim was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2009. Taking inspiration from the rocky beaches of Sweden’s west coast they design the best jeans and urban clothes. Timeless, easy to wear and practical – just like denim itself.

someday soon

Someday Soon

Relativly new and already established.
Cool and comfortable street fashion for kids. Nordic simplicity with urban silhouettes and details. Someday Soon’s collections combine timeless styles and on-trend pieces to create a strong and convincing look that is easy to wear.

christina rohde

Christina Rohde

Probably the most progressive fashion label in Scandinavia.
Christina Rohde is all about mixing patterns and textures. Combining stripes, plaids and floral patterns on high-quality fabrics.

pierrot la lune

Pierrot la Lune

The Pierrot la Lune look has a touch of nostalgia. A dreamy and magical aesthetic referring to old movies and faded childhood photos. Coupled with cuts that are simple and wearable and subdued colours.


Bang Bang Copenhagen

Children’s wear in a truly fabulous and artistic way. Inspired by the neatness of origami mixed with urban street wear. This Danish label produces creative and playful children’s clothing. Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager founded the brand in 2008.
The current collection features swans, flamingos and peacocks. Combined with signature monochrome stripes and novelty metallic fabrics.



Danish brand Molo makes wonderful, colorful and playful kids clothes. Their philosophy is that the children should be able to express their creativity.


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