10 dazzling children's brands from Portugal

10 dazzling children’s brands from Portugal

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Portugal has a rich history in textile manufacturing and has always been a major player when it comes to clothing. You can find brands that have been in the family fashion business for generations.

And over the last years Portugal found a new vision as well. Going away from the traditional looks and catching up with the contemporary and modern fashion for baby, girls & boys.

It is quite exciting really and especially interesting when you see brands that mix the traditional with the new and it is really good. Portugal is famous for producing the finest textiles and leather goods. Many brands produce here and today it is also home of some creative and innovative children’s fashion brands.

Opening up the way of dressing children and giving the country a new cool, stylish and fun attitude.

Today we want to share these 10 brands from Portugal with you. Young, strong and determined to conquer the kids wear world:



Sissonne is a gorgeous, nostalgic brand for babies and children from 3 months to 12 years. Born in Porto, Portugal and inspired by the perfect alliance between modern design and elements from the past.The mix of classic and modern, in which children can be children. Every single garment is a reinvented classic featuring details from Portugal’s biological and cultural heritage.
Sissonne garments are created and produced exclusively in Portugal, with high quality natural fabrics and yarns.



Kaleidoscope was born in Porto, Portugal. A sustainable and conscious children’s clothing brand for cosmopolitan and relaxed kids up to 8 years old. Classic designs interpreted in a funny and contemporary way. Made with the finest ecological materials.

cherry papaya

Cherry Papaya

Cherry Papaya is for children aged 3 months to 11 years. It was launched in 2014 and every season the team creates a story inspired by children. And their ability to recreate the ordinary in the most pure and astonishing way!
Produced and designed in Portugal using premium organic cotton. Based in Porto near to the textile industry belt, which allows for a closer connection with their suppliers.

wolf rita

Wolf & Rita

The idea behind Wolf & Rita emerged from a history of more than 30 years of experience in specialized shirts making. Embracing the use of old techniques and the natural expertise that comes with experience. Wolf & Rita cultivates the savoir faire and inspiration of the past to create children’s wear for everyday use.
The brands’ fabrics and trimmings are of the finest quality and always locally outsourced. 100 % Made in Portugal!

play up

Play Up!

High quality materials and finishings, original design and thorough attention to detail.Combined with contemporary and cosmopolitan aesthetics. This is Play Up! This children’s line was founded by a Portuguese family with a strong background in the textile industry. The parenthood that all the family members experienced more than once took the professional activity to a different level. That is how Play Up came to life 12 years ago.


PiuPui Chick

Clothes for kids to enjoy their enchanted childhood! Piupiuchick is located in Porto (one more!) and was born in 2012. A brand that works passionately under the core values of creativity, passion and sense of humour.


Carlota Barnabe

Carlota Barnabe was born in Lisbon in 2013. First with accessories only and later presenting their first clothes collection in March 2016. Inspired by the simplicity and creativity of our children, Carlota Barnabe is essentially a functional brand. Putting simplicity and functionality in very soft 100% cotton muslin garments.

barn of monkeys

Barn of Monkeys

Barn of Monkeys is a creative fashion lab with a special approach to the concept of style. Using nothing but the best fabrics, made with high-quality organic raw-materials. What makes Barn of Monkeys so unique, is its urge to make a statement and provide exclusive apparels with a meaning. Apparels for children and teenagers aged 2-16 that last longer, bring families together and shout out for gender standardization!

grace baby child

Grace Baby & Child

Grace Baby&Child was founded in 2013 by Ana Peixoto Almeida who decided to embrace change and continue to write the history of her own family in the Portuguese textile industry.
With quality fabrics – cotton, jersey and linen for summer, flannel, corduroy and cozy knits for winter – Grace Baby&Child clothes are characterized by a romantic simplicity, functionality and an extraordinary attention to detail.



Andorine is a luxury lifestyle brand, offering comfortable & functional, yet cool & stylish designs for kids aged 2 to 14 years. Based in Porto and launched in 2015. Cautious in selecting the best fabrics and producing locally in the north of Portugal, with an enticing blend of tradition and fashion.
Andorine is all about children’s dreams & creativity.


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