mint colour trend

Colour trend: Mint

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WGSN predicts that neo mint will be T H E colour for Spring/ Summer 2020. A shade that succinctly aligns futuristic development with nature.

Neo Mint – the glowing shade of green is fresh, crisp and happy. It is a great colour, absolutely. But we feel that it is already trending!

What do you think? Green has been around for a little bit and we have seen a whole lot of mint, sea green, aqua or sage in the collections. A delicate and fresh nuance.

And it is gender neutral. Which is probably one of the biggest reasons it is around and adorned. Gender neutral is here to stay.

mint colour trend

Another trend picked up by mint is minimalism. The whole less waste, less stuff and slow lifestyle (that we support!) also means: less colour. White and pastels for interiors, graphics and new media designs. And for fashion too!

And since, by now, we all agree that we do not have to wait until 2020 we have the best pieces for little ones in mint right here. All available now:

Hartô Rosalie chair / Pocket T-Shirt from Caramel / Muslin Jumpsuit


Green-Mint Reversible Cushion from Camomile London / Almond Green ceiling light / Rio Shorts

Queen Dress / Knitted constellation organic cotton blanket / Tocoto Vintage Body

Crib cot in mint / Lace and tulle dress /  Embroidered bomber jacket

574 sneakers in sea green / Organic cotton blouse / Mini Me imitation jean shorts


Slider: Unsplash / gleren-meneghin

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