8 epic Belgian Brands for kids

9 epic Belgian Brands for kids

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Belgium is the Mecca for any kids fashion enthusiast. No other country has this many amazing kids fashion brands to show. And only the Belgian's have the very special gift to be able to combine quirky patterns, interesting textures and amazing silhouettes.

These kids fashion brands produce fantastic collections for children. Playful and often a little bit dramatic at the same time. Most of them are in the business for a long time and dress children up to 16 years (but be careful, most do size very small).

The photo shoots/ look books reflect the interesting collections and are often set in slightly surreal landscapes or dreamy indoors.
Expect strong colours, well cut clothes, lots of great details and interesting prints for both boys and girls. Yes, boys do wear very colourful clothes in Belgium too.

And therefore we decided to do a day dedicated to the Belgian kids fashion world. Sharing 9 brands that are representing the Belgian kids fashion scene like no other:


Anne Kurris

Starting with Anne Kurris who celebrate their 20th (!!!) anniversary this year.
Since 1998, Anne Kurris is a key figure in kids fashion. Her graphic and colourful collections come with the most emblematic pieces.




Fun and original prints which will brighten up your wardrobe! This is Morley. Magic, style and comfort are mixed together and paired with impeccable fits.


maan kids


Creative and elegant. Combining prints, colours and the latest graphic designs. Strong must-have pieces that can be worn forever.


simple kids

Simple Kids

You can never go wrong with Simple Kids. Graphic, fun, quality fabrics and meticulous details.  Elegant and comfortable clothing that is far from being simple! And you can always find a little touch of retro in their collections too.



Anja Schwerbrock

Started in 2012 Anja creates a charming magic world for children. Treehouse by Anja Schwerbrock is a baby and children’s brand that brings a bit of avant-garde to the playground. Known for impeccable quality and super soft fabrics, her styles are light and comfortable.



Rita co Rita

Rita co Rita is a beautiful Belgian brand with the most beautiful dresses and jackets for boys. Ideal for a first communion, spring festival or other festive occasions.




Premium clothing for the whole family. Bellerose is the smart casual label from Belgium. High quality fabrics, impeccable comfortable cuts, subtle tones, vintage effects and always chic. A real institution for almost 30 years and in kids fashion since early 2000. Urban clothing for girls and boys that breaks all the rules.


max lola

Max & Lola

Kids will be teens. That is their motto! Max & Lola offers elegant and colourful garments for children up to the age of 16.



Miss Chips

For kids from 4 to 16 with a powerful personality.
This summer the Miss Chips girl will wear candy colours, cotton fabrics, casual prints and oversized but girly garments. The ‘Girls on wheels’ collection reminds us of the Californian skate scene of the 70’s.  Striped t-shirts, tracksuit shorts, and raw edge finishes that make the denim garments truly exclusive pieces.


Slider: Maan

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