On the road with two kids: The best double pushchairs

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If you are expecting twins or want to go on tour with two small children, you need a double pushchair. Therefore, we have put together an overview for you here.

“I can’t walk anymore!!!”. Toddlers usually go on strike in the most unfavourable situations for parents. For example when you have both hands full with shopping bags, or you want to take a relaxed walk in the woods…

Now, if you do not want to carry your child in such situations, it is better to take a buggy with you. They are light, handy and often the saviours in an emergency. And just really practical.

Bummer, if you have an infant with you as well. In addition to the whining toddler. But there is a solution for parents of children with little age difference: Double pushchairs are truly worth their purchase.

Anyone expecting twins will, of course, immediately look for a twin pushchair. But here we will explain the different types of pushchairs for two children as well as practicalities.

The best double pushchairs


Seat arrangement in the double pushchair

Depending on the model, the children sit either next to each other, one behind the other or one above the other.
Each family can decide for themselves what is the most practical set up for them. If the kids sit next to each other, it is more sociable for them. However, if the seats are arranged behind or above each other, the pushchair is more narrow and therefore easier to manoeuvre.
Also, instead of sitting one behind the other, the seats in some double pushchairs can be arranged so that the children sit opposite each other.
Modern double pushchairs offer more and more constellations and parents can decide flexibly in which mode they want to drive the children around.

Prams that can be converted into two-seaters

The fact that two children are born with a small age difference is difficult to plan. Therefore the precautionary acquisition of a bulky sibling stroller makes usually no sense. Fortunately, there are more and more prams that can be transformed from a single pram to a double pram. And parents do not have to buy a new pram, but only an adapter and a further seat, once the family added a new member.

Here is an overview of the best double pushchairs currently on the market:

Nuna “Demi Grow”

Nuna-Demi-Grow-double pushchair

The “DEMI grow” by Nuna offers twelve different modes from single children, siblings over to twins. It convinced the jury at the Red Dot Award 2018 and won one of the coveted design prizes. The pram also has the Nuna-typical “Dream Drape”, an extra-large hood with UV protection 50+.
From 800GBP.


TFK “Twin Trail 2”

tfk twin trail pushchair

If you walk a lot in the woods or off the beaten track, you will need an all-terrain pram. These are characterised by large, air-filled tires and lockable front wheels. This model accommodates twins or siblings of different ages. The footrests and sun canopies can be adjusted individually. For newborns, baby car seats or pram attachments can be attached, and the appropriate adapters are supplied.
From 900GBP.


iCandy “Peach”


The child in the back sits slightly raised in the iCandy “Peach” and therefore can also marvel at the surroundings. An ingenious adapter makes this ‘cinema seat feeling’ possible. The pushchair can be converted from a single seater to twin or sibling mode. In addition, two baby carrycots can be attached for infants. The frame was updated in 2018. And parents can now also use a large baby carrycot in sibling mode without the pram being an inch wider than before.
From 1200GBP.


ABC-Design “Zoom”

abc design zoom double pushchair

On the “Zoom” you can freely combine three different attachments – carrycot, baby car seat and buggy attachment. The seat units can be attached in both directions and have a flat lying position too. This double pushchair is suitable for twins and children of different ages.
From 550GBP.


Bugaboo “Donkey²”

bugaboo donkey double pushchair

The “Donkey” grows with the family. When used with only one child, a shopping basket fits next to the seat unit. After three clicks, the “Mono” position can turn into the 14 cm wider “Duo” configuration, which is suitable for siblings of different ages. Twins first travel in two carrycots, and then in a seated position.
From 1100GBP.


Hauck „Rapid 3R Duo“

hauck double pushchair

With the “Rapid 3R Duo” from Hauck, the backrests of both seats can be adjusted separately. This allows each twin to travel in the most comfortable position. Thanks to puncture-proof wheels, it can also take part in any off-road excursion. Carrier bags are available for newborns, and baby carriers can also be attached for short trips.
From 350GBP.


Quinny “Hubb”

quinny hubb duo

In the mono version, the Quinny “Hubb” is the perfect shopping companion. In addition to the large shopping basket, another shopping basket can be attached. If the family grows, the “Hubb” can be converted into a two-seater. The pram then grows in length, but remains narrow so that it is easy to manoeuvre. Older siblings can also sit on a bamboo running board instead of a seat.
From 800GBP.


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