How to Transition Your Child’s Wardrobe from Winter to Spring


Spring is not officially here yet but living in the UK means, we make as much of of the sunny days as we can! And the sunshine we enjoy right now, definitely makes us ready to ditch the winter coats.

And it also means that we need to go through that winter closet. But how to transition your child’s wardrobe from winter to spring?

And tell us, dear parents, aren’t you just so excited that we can gear up for the warmer season? No more hats and scarves and gloves that are missing their partner? All the dressing and undressing and sweating whilst waiting for the last person to put on their coat.

There is always a moment where we just loose our patience for winter…

How to Transition Your Child's Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

So, how do we go about it?

1. Especially if you have more than one child, try to plan an afternoon for this transition. So that you have time to really go through all of their belongings and have the kids around to try on a few items when in doubt.

2. Organise everything that you will keep for siblings. Put the items in boxes and label them with contents and size. For example: Boy winter clothes, size 8. Later it will be easier to get them out for the right season as well as size. If you need inspiration on how to organise, we have this article where we convert the KonMarie method for family life.

3. This is a very good moment to go through all their belongings and check for sizing and any breakage or missing buttons. And to reflect: What do they really need!

4. For the transition period from Winter to Spring (and also Autumn to Winter) layering is probably the most important and easiest technique. Unreliable weather and that time between pairing down your winter clothes to not yet fully wearing your warmer weather pieces head to toe. Great basics are key to success here. Long sleeves, thermals, cardigans and wellies of course.

5. Make sure that you check what you already have. Hand me downs from siblings/ friends or things you bought ahead. You may not have to shop as much as you thought…

6. You do need denims, fleeces and sturdy shoes. Because temperatures can fluctuate during those transitional seasons. These will help for colder days and you can put away the heavy boots and coats.

7. You can take out some lighter pieces like shorts and dresses. Pair them with tights, long sleeves and cardigans or sweaters to start the Spring period.

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