The best jeans for stylish kids!

The best jeans for stylish kids!

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Jeans work just as well in your crisp spring closet as they do in your child's. They can stand a lot of wear and tear and with these stylish brands you can rock the perfect MiniMe hipster look!

Here is the ultimate denim guide to find the best jeans for kids. Whether you are on the hunt for the best easy jeans or for an uber cool pair, you should buy them from a jeans specialist.

An excellent cut, beautiful fabrics and creativity are the key factors. And that is why you should turn to the brands that know. They mastered the art of the perfect pair of jeans! (the good news is that most of them also cater for adults so you can have a look for yourself too)

We asked around, we know from experience with our own kids and we have seen many denim brands during our visits to the fairs – these 8 brands made the cut!

The best of the blues for the youngsters:
best jeans for kids

i dig denim

We only make t-shirts because jeans have to go with something!

I dig denim was founded in Gothenburg in 2009 by designer Hanna Clavegård. Taking inspiration from the rocky beaches of Sweden’s west coast, she began designing denim for kids.
“Denim is malleable, durable and practically eternal. There isn’t much that stays with you like a good pair of jeans, and I want everyone to have their very own. Denim that’s ready for everything – a celebration, a vacation or a climb on the rocks. I strongly encourage climbs on rocks. Denim just makes everything possible and that’s what I love most about it. I really do dig denim.” – Hanna Clavegård
Imagine the most comfortable jeans, soft qualities and extremely cool cuts.


The best jeans for stylish kids!

Imps & Elfs

Imps & Elfs do the best skinny jeans! Comfortable, soft and always with a little touch of trendiness and rock ‘n’ roll.
The brand were the first to adopt ecological fibres and made organic cotton look good.


best jeans for kids


Another brand from Sweden. Adopted from the cool adult line there is a small collection for little denim lovers too. Denim jackets and jeans in organic cotton. For every pair of kids jeans 5 euros goes straight to Amnesty International to support their work. A safe childhood is a human right.


best jeans for kids


America’s denim leader. So obvious and still had to be on the list. The denim specialist and the brand that made the blue cotton so famous throughout the world. Today you can find modern twists on classic styles that have defined generations. For kids too!
We love the 520 – extreme tapered fit – style.


best jeans for kids

Finger in the Nose

Based in Paris and set up by the Norwegian Siv Tone Kverneland. The combination of French Posh and Scandinavian Cool, are clearly visible in the styles. Uniting the looks of an adult garment with the need for a child’s comfort. This label, with it’s b ‘grown-up style’ with comfort for children. Timeless, simple and a touch of Rock & Roll Attitude. Awesome skinny jeans and funky colours are available too if you like!
We love the brand especially for boys.


best jeans for kids

Acne Studios

Acne Studios, the Swedish (yes! They love jeans!) brand finds inspiration in design, art and architecture. The kids’ clothes are made of perfect shapes and materials. Therefore the iconic brand allows wearers of all ages to create a refined and minimalist wardrobe.
Cult jeans for cool kids!


best jeans for kids


Diesel is never just a pair of jeans. It is a statement of personality, a way to express yourself, an artistic expression and a technical expertise.
Their mega product: The jog jeans. Looking like denim on the outside but have the comfort, touch and feel of a jersey sweat pant. Underlining the dynamic nature of youth and the freedom of movement that kids demand. Using the same weaving method used to make denim and thus enabling the garments to retain their shape.


best jeans for kids


Casual with a touch! Nonchalant,impeccable fabrics and little details. Fashionable and very cool.
Every item is comfortable and wearable, every day of the week. A brand that understands fashion like no-one else and their denim styles are always spot on!


Slider: I dig denim

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