At home with Tine Holt Møller

At home with Tine Holt Møller

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Today we are in Denmark and visiting Tine Holt Møller in her beautiful family home.

Tine is the designer and co-founder of Soft Gallery. A poetic luxury children’s clothing brand. Together with her husband Simon Ladefoged, a commercial director, and their two children, Norman 15 years, and Ida 11 years. They live twenty minutes up North of Copenhagen in a beautiful house by the sea.

Tine loves to find peace with yoga, reading and drawing with her kids. Spending the evenings with family and friends is pure happiness to her.
Teenager Norman is very much into music and takes singing and piano lessons. He loves tennis, basketball and his friends. Tween Ida is dancing hip hop and ballet, and loves to do creative things like drawing, jewelry making and sewing.

We spoke with Tine about their home, interiors, travels and life:
At home with Tine Holt Møller

At home with Tine Holt Møller

Luna: What made you decide for that house?

Tine: Our house is overlooking the sea, and situated very close to the forest. Every morning we take the dog for a long walk in the forest and throughout the day you can smell the fresh sea air through the house. We love this closeness to nature. So, for us living here, was kind of a dream come true when we got the opportunity…
The house is a one level minimalist house designed by Myresjø in the early 70´s. It´s not a very big house but with all the open spaces, different levels and courtyards it surrounds us as a family in a nice and intimate way.

How would you describe your interior style?

I love Danish furniture design and the minimalism that characterizes it. I love earthy colours in the context of a vase, flowers, pillows or paintings. And I really appreciate the mix of minimalism combined with a French antique mirror or an old Chinese vase.
I have a passion for plants and flowers and having fresh flowers and their scent surrounding me is quite mandatory.
And with nature being very present through the big floor to ceiling windows the changes of the seasons, from summer to autumn storms, also play a big part of the interior experience.

Your children are 15 and 11. How is living with teens and what are your top tips?

Living with teens is definitely different to when they were younger, but its also giving in so many ways. You can travel differently and share experiences in different way. You can discuss politics, art and music.
But overall – don´t expect too much, their world is expanding with new friends and late nights, so grab the moments you can and invent new ways of being together. Yesterday my son and I went to the movies and had dinner at his favorite place. A great evening, just the two of us, with the opportunity to talk in ways that sometimes can be hard to find the time for in your every day.

How do you arrange the space accordingly, to family life?

The kitchen is the best place for family life in the house. Huge sliding doors open from the kitchen to the green courtyard. The perfect place to spend afternoons and evenings with friends and family.
This space is used for cooking, eating, homework and just hanging out…and the Wegner dining table is also great for table tennis;)

If we would invite ourselves for diner at your home, what would you cook for us?

I love salads, so probably a nice organic well spiced roast chicken with different salads, hummus and tzaziki. And ice cream and chocolate from my favorite sweet spot, Social Foodies, for dessert.

At home with Tine Holt Møller

At home with Tine Holt Møller

At home with Tine Holt Møller

Which is your favourite room? The one in which you like to take refuge to be creative, and to find

We don´t have that many rooms since everything is quite open, so I don´t have a spare room designated for this, but I love to find quietness and refuge at my curved glass desk from Galotti&Radice overlooking the ocean. This is the perfect spot for me to step into my creative mindset.

If you could choose, where would you like to live?

I really appreciate the quality of life we have here in Denmark and the life I am living. But if I were to live somewhere else I would choose according to the nature surrounding the place… so maybe New Zealand or Australia.
But the thing is that when you go to live somewhere else the hazzle of your everyday life travels with you… so to escape that, we actually decided to travel with the kids for two months last Christmas.
The best decision we have ever made… just the four of us for two months traveling through Central America. It was an absolute once in a lifetime experience and something I will carry with me for a long long time.

At home with Tine Holt Møller

Do you have an idol? Somebody that inspires you on a daily basis?

I would say my dad. Unfortunately I lost him a few years ago but the way he lived his life is something I take with me and use in daily life. He wasn´t a great explorer or adventurer but it was his mentality and thoughts on life that made us connect and created an intimate and confidential bond between us.

Which is the piece or object you are most proud of in your home?

I absolutely love the painting in our living room by Troels Carlsen. Its a hand holding a bird, and the colours, composition and texture is so beautiful.
Troles is an amazing artist and a great personality and we have collected his works for some years but this is my favorite piece.

Anything you dream of buying next?

The Mountain Vases by Danish artist FOS are something I had my eyes on for a long time… they are extremely expensive though but so beautiful, rough and fragile at the same time.

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