The best kids bikes for all ages

The best kids bikes for all ages

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A kids bike needs to be safe, comfortable, reliable and easy to use. Without breaking the bank. Your child’s first riding experience should be memorable.

Cycling offers freedom, independence and we all remember the joy of feeling the wind through our hair when we finally managed to hit the road alone. Next to the physical benefits bikes make happy kids. Therefore we collected the best kids bikes for all ages.

Some things you could consider before shopping:
kids bike size chart
First — consider weight. If you want your child to feel comfortable and confident with their bike, invest in the lightest one you can afford. It will make the biggest difference. General rule: A bike should weigh around a fifth of their weight.
Second – size is the next crucial aspect. Wheels start at 12 inches for three year olds, increasing gradually to 26 inches for nine and up.
Third – safety is always paramount. Please invest in a helmet, lights and let them wear high-visibility clothing!

Kids bike size chart courtesy of Trek


From the first tricycle to the first pedals and later the big wheels. We have them all!
The thrill of moving faster than your feet can carry you and to have the best first-bike experience. That is our goal.
The best kids bikes for all ages

We picked the best children’s bikes currently on the market ordered by age, from youngest to oldest:


1. Foxrider
Foxrider from Belgium was created in 1957 by Adiel Devos. Foxrider is a family-run company whose aim is to offer long-lasting and beautiful vehicles for little ones. Painted in the sweetest shades such as baby pink or pale blue.

2. Radio Flyer
Grandfather Antonio Pasin started Radio Flyer in 1917. His dream was to “bring joy to every boy and every girl”. Today, the Radio Flyer family continues that tradition by building safe, quality toys that spark imagination and inspire active play.

3. Schwinn Roadster
This retro looking trike is made from sturdy steel and grows with your child. It has air filled rubber tires for a smooth ride. It also has a low centre of gravity for extra stability, keeping your child safe and secure.


1. Banwood is a Berlin-based company specialising in bicycles for children up to age 5. Pedal-less cute bicycles to make your family strolls even more enjoyable. Pink, green, red or white, the choice is all yours!

2. Wishbone
Wishbone began in 2005 in New York City. The first Wishbone Bike was born out of wanting to give kids a taste of the childhood the founders had.

We ran where we liked, rode until dark and collapsed smiling at the end of a crazy day.

3. Early Rider
The pedals, saddles, cranks, sprockets, stems, belt tensioners, hubs, axles are all bespoke and each an illustration of the brands commitment. This classic diamond frame with a geometry that has performance in mind. Lightweight aluminium wheels and an anatomically correct, custom made faux leather saddle to finish off in style.

Others may find it difficult to justify this investment in time and tools, but we don’t because we are setting out with the lofty ambition of making bikes that inspire a lifetime as well as last one.


1. Bobbin
Bobbin is an independent bicycle brand based in North London. This bike is made to get children aged 2-4 started on their own cycling adventures. Hand-made in small batches, a gloss paint finish, comfortable cream tires, smart brown grips and an embossed Bobbin sprung saddle. It also comes with an extremely cute wicker basket and a ding-dong bell.

2. Ridgeback Kids
The Ridgeback is a lightweight and versatile bike for 3 – 6 years old kids with features specifically designed for smaller riders. The light triple butted alloy frame at its heart makes it ideal for small riders!

3. Public Bikes
Public Bikes was born out of the deep respect and admiration for the streets of Amsterdam. That are teeming with bikes and people, not cars. The Public Sprout is an incredible fun kids bike for city kids ready to hit the road on their first big kid bicycle. It features a curving step-through Dutch bike design, with a low stand-over height to make getting on and off a breeze. Available in two size options to fit a range of kids.


1. Bobbin Brownie 21
The Brownie 21 is a simple and elegant looped-frame model. Designed for riders who want a classic bike that can easily handle big hills and be carried up steps. It features a lightweight alloy frame, colour-matched rear carrier, cream tyres, stylish gloss paintwork, a comfy Bobbin sprung saddle and 21 speed Shimano gears.

2. Islabike
Islabikes’ Beinn range of lightweight, perfect fitting, yet practically equipped bikes are fit for any adventure.
Quality aluminium bicycles for boys and girls. Perfectly proportioned, lightweight and versatile!

3. Trek
If your tween is serious about mountain biking you want them to ride a good hard tail bike. we make. The Superfly from Trek is a quality, race-ready bike that would impress riders of any age.
Inspired by super-fast adult hard tails, but built from the ground up with a child-specific geometry.

One that can grow:

best kids bikes for all ages
Little Big Bike
This bike will last from around 2 to 7 years. Adapting to a growing child, the three-in-one design starts out as a small balance bike. Later it becomes a bigger kids bike with a higher saddle and longer handlebar reach. The third stage involves adding a separate pedal and crank attachment to become a 14′ pedal bike. It is well-engineered with smooth-rolling wheel bearings and a rust-proof chain. It makes a good hand-me-down and is available in a large range of vibrant colours.


Slider: Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

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