Space saving storage solutions for tiny children’s rooms

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Small spaces are the topic of the moment. Search engines tell us that people are looking more and more for storage solutions and smart ideas for small spaces.

Once you start your family or add another child you will realise that you need more space. Moving into a bigger home is not always the first solution.

Commute, friends, the school your child is loving so much and many other factors may want you to look into space saving solutions.

space saving storage solutions

And figuring out good as well as practical storage solutions for your kids’ rooms can be a challenge. Therefore we have the three top tips for you here today where it all falls together:


simple kids room
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Keep the Layout Simple

The beginning of a good and organised room is a simple layout. Bright, neutral colours will open up any small space and make it more welcoming. In your next step, you should focus on the essentials. Do not overthink and overdesign, but make sure it is functional for a child. And what does it really need? Keep storage containers low and easy to access. And give everything a dedicated spot to make it easy to get tidied up.

Here we have more inspiration on how to design a small children’s room.


multi use space saving kids furniture
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Invest in multifunctional furniture

Every little thing can make a big difference in a small room. And some pieces of furniture can actually do several jobs. A desk can be a bedside table and a stool can include a storage function for example.
A bunk bed is the best space saving thing there is for shared rooms. But, not only. It can also be very useful for small rooms in general. Underneath you can create a desk area or play corner, creating more free space for the rest of the room. Elevated beds with built-in storage are excellent as well. Or how about a set of String furniture that you design in any way you want and can give you a set of shelves and a desk all in one?

5 smart ideas for small children’s rooms.


kids room storage ideas
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Make the most of the height of the room

All you want in a kids room is to have some floor space so the little ones can play. Keeping your room simple, investing in multifunctional furniture are two important steps. Next: Go up!
Put shelves all the way up the wall, there is always something you do not need every day and can be stored on the top.
Again, keep things simple and do not overload your shelves. Or the room will look cramped and unorganised, not something your child will feel inspired in.

More storage ideas for children’s rooms.

Also, have a look at how you can adapt the Konmari Method for your family home.

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