Mum's reading list #9

Mum’s reading list #9

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Yes, mamas! It is time again for our monthly get together, so pick up your cup of tea and enjoy some great reads!

And wow, what a list we have! From entertainment, inspiring interviews over to some more philosophical topics. We even have a cool workout, which makes you feel better only by watching it.

October is always a ‘strange’ month. A transitional month with the change of colours, crisp mornings and shorter days. Luckily we are experiencing a soft version this year, and the adjustment does not feel so hard.

Mum's reading list #9
Enjoy these links dear readers:

Pinterest is a unicorn!

Halloween is around the corner. Time to get some seriously creep stories out. Here is a list of 35 short but very scary stories.

Apparently online gaming is the new Instagram.

Best Design expositions around the world, for this Autumn. London included.

‘Well, I’ve changed. I’m getting old, I’m going to die soon, and I have strong feelings, and I think that these things need to be said. And so I’m going to say them.’
Jane Fonda
You want to read this interview!

Racism Is Killing Black Babies, But This Doula Is Fighting Back. Vice.

On a lighter note: The 50 coolest neighbourhoods around the world. Are you living in one of them?

The fast changing eating habits of Americans.

Mums: The Best Tips for a Career Change After 40!

Parents of successful kids have these 13 things in common.

Do not compare yourself with others! But how?

A fun rainbow birthday party.

‘In terms of gender equality, all I can do is show by example how I make it work, and try as hard as I can to ensure working with a family is easy.’
Justine Cullen
The Vogue Australia Editor in Chief about family, working mums and motherhood.

8 foods that help fight PMS symptoms. Greatist.

Losing 100 Pounds and what people who did it learned about from that experience.

Oprah meets Julia Roberts. Harpers Bazaar.

We did not put it on top of the list, because you already know. But just to make sure: Harry and Meghan are expecting!

Workout required? Sculpt, stretch, and sweat with this no-equipment workout!

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