Natalie Decorte on Motherhood

Natalie Decorte on Motherhood

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Savour every moment with your children as they grow up too fast! It’s only taken me till my third child to actually heed this advice though. My first two were 18 months apart, so it was a little hectic and I was always just willing the next stage on. I kept telling myself ‘it will be easier when they start solids, sleeping through, crawl, talk, walk… and it does get easier, but you don’t get those moments back’…


Natalie Decorte on Motherhood


Natalie started her career as a ballerina and then modelling.

She’s now a busy mama of three – Indigo, 7, Blaise, 5, and Cassian, 5 months – and is the editor-in-chief of digital magazine The Polo Project.



For The Grace Tales, oct. 2017.

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