Our dad crush this week: Jason Momoa


It is dad crush time again and believe us: you do not have to know about Games of Thrones to want to whisper in Khal Drogos, er, Jason Momoa's ear, that you want to be his Daenerys. Our dad crush Jason Momoa makes the whole Luna team feel a little bit giddy and here is why.

by Silvia Silko

Is there anything hotter than a strong, tall man who raves about his children?
The same man who speaks in the loveliest way about his wonderful wife. Lady’s, there is only man that can charm us with just these qualities, it is Jason Momoa.
A true dad crush!

A man like a tree and again a cliché: Momoa looks like a warrior from times long gone, or a walking novel character. The wild hair, the dark complexion, the figure and the voice – it seems as if he does not exist in the real world.


The Hawaiian-born actor has done well: he studied marine biology in America, did some pastel painting in Paris, studied Buddhism in Tibet and worked in a surf shop.
With this lifestyle, he fits in perfectly with the hippie clan of his wife Lisa Bonet – with his look too, of course. The family that forms Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa and their own children Lola Lolani and Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo, also have Bonet’s ex-husband Lenny Kravitz and their daughter Zoë Kravitz buzzing around.

Together, they are the textbook example of a patchwork family. Momoa loves Stepdaughter Zoë, Daddy Kravitz finds Momoa a very wonderful man, Lisa Bonet and ex-husband Kravitz still get on splendidly and the two smallest ones are adored anyway.

Everyone loves everyone and everything is so wonderful that you would like to ask, what pills they all take to be able to share so much harmony. We do not know how the members of the Bonet Momoa Kravitz clan are actually thinking about pills, but we know that they all believe in a kind of soul-sense or deeper truth. Spirituality seems to be the secret here.
Something that Momoa also seems to have led to his wife Lisa Bonet. As Momoa himself says, he had already admired Bonet in the Bill Cosby Show and decided at that time to marry the 12 years younger Bonet someday. As luck would have it, the two met each other in 2005 through common friends. The couple got married in 2007 and Momoa still seems to be very much in love with his wife.

The article was first published on Lunamag.de
Titelbild: Getty Images / Jeff Spicer
Author: Silvia Silko
Translation: Peggy Juche