Mum’s reading list #13

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13 is a lucky number!

And that is why we start the new week with our new Mum’s reading list which happens to be our 13th.

13 times we rounded up our favourite articles, gossip and other newsworthy reads from around the net. The perfect mix of motherhood, topics that make you think as well as fun lifestyle and lighthearted news.

Today we have the working mum in Japan, disabled siblings and toxic relationships. But also a look at Karl Lagerfeld’s life as well as a floating villa. And so much more. Enjoy:

Three women share what it is like to care for a disabled sibling.

The successful story of Minted.

Breaking our lease to escape each other without ruining our credit simply was not an option. Our shared poverty robbed us of the autonomy we needed to get the hell away from each other.

Staying in a toxic relationship…

Co-working spaces are out. Hotel lobby’s are the new game.

Raising a family – paycheck to paycheck.

A solar-powered floating villa.

Simple gestures: 50 little social etiquette rules everyone should follow

Hot air balloons.

Japan’s Working Mothers – men in Japan do fewer hours of household chores and child care than in any of the world’s wealthiest nations.

Karl Lagerfeld – his life in pictures.

Collab after collab – IKEA is changing!

We talked about the KonMarie Method, but does it really work?

For the female breadwinners who weren’t getting into fights over dirty dishes, their relationships were built on the understanding that their partners would actively take on non-traditional responsibilities.

The story of a female breadwinner.

9 women in the 30 under 30 list by Forbes.

Ted Talk – taboo topics and how to talk about them with your children.

Sharing your children’s life on Social Media. And when the kids google themselves

The Chinese Lantern Festival 2019 in pictures.


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