Welcome to Lunamag.com

Welcome to Lunamag.com

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Based in the UK, we are the English edition of the Luna family. Combining design and motherhood, because it is all about children and family life.

Luna media starts the New Year with a bang and launches an international online publication in addition to the German brands Luna, Luna mum and Luna Journal.

Welcome! We are so happy that you found us and we promise you an excellent tour around the world of children’s fashion and design.
With the background and history we can tell you that Lunamag.com is the leading children’s fashion & family lifestyle magazine modern parents need to read!

We select carefully and focus on everything new and trendy from the children’s fashion and design world. We portrait captivating personalities, share must-haves for mums and show you inspiration for family travels.

The first issue of Luna (print) was launched on 23rd of June 2005. Addressed to the new family and parental generations, talking about fashion, lifestyle as well as family entertainment.
Until today, the first edition with its motto ‘Luna makes life colourful’ still motivates the entire business which has specialized in the development of products that inform, inspire and move families with humor, creativity, diversity and high standard of aesthetics.

Since then the Luna media Group has grown and includes Luna mum and for B2B Luna journal. On top we have two international brand guides – Luna Lookbook for fashion and Luna Brandbible for hardware, interior & toys.
Luna is today’s sector specialist and is internationally well-known in the segments of children’s fashion and family lifestyle. Moreover, it also develops creative, multimedia concepts as well as products for its clients and end users.

Our mission: We develop, create, supervise, produce and market new ideas and products with much passion in order to make the family world more creative, diverse, vivid, beautiful, innovative, charming, informative and naturally fashionable.

And today Luna is reaching parents and their children outside the German speaking countries too. Luna wants to share their passion, expertise and love for everything kids around the world.

This online magazine is based in the United Kingdom and accessible for everyone who wants to stay in the loop in the fields of kids fashion and family lifestyle.

Please meet our contributors who will share the latest news from their respective countries, follow us on our Social Media channels – Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter – and discover the best brands and shops from the UK here with us.

We have so many ideas and plans that you can trust us when we say ‘We cannot wait to share them with you!’. We love what we do, love to support new brands, share great shops or inspiring people. Give you a glimpse of another mums or dads life, show you places we believe that you need to travel to with your family and above all: We love to inspire you.
We want you to visit this site and find something new.

And to make sure that we can deliver we will start to visit our first trade show of the season tomorrow! We will discover the new Autumn/ Winter 2018/19 collections, catch up with people from the industry, discuss possible collaborations and get lots of inspiration for excellent articles.

Happy 2018 from us to you. To a new adventure!


Photo: Eva Bozzo for Luna #66

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