The Best Colour Block Walls in the kids room

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Are you torn between a bright, white room and a fun, colourful space for your little one? We suggest you try colour blocking and have a bit of both. The possibilities are endless and you can take inspiration from almost anything.

Colour block walls are trending for a while now and can really make a statement in any room without a big budget.
Pairing contrasting colours creates geometric effects that highlight a part of your space or simply dress up an empty wall.

It is perfect when you are not a fan of wallpaper but love a splash of colour and pattern. Colour blocking is done by selecting zones on a wall or ceiling and painting them in a different colour from the main wall colour.

Have a look at some of the following coulor blocking wall designs that will totally blow you away.


With colour blocking, you can add as many colours as you like. You can create patterns, paint parts of a wall or even parts of the ceiling. You can even update furniture. Take an old armoire and paint it. Colour block by painting the front in a different shade than the sides for example. The possibilities are truly endless.

One of the easiest ways is to simply keep the walls white or in a very neutral colour. And then pick a very bright or significantly darker color to paint halfway up the wall. The room below is a perfect example.


Image: VTwonen

With colour blocking, you can create a sophisticated or fun look. White and pink walls with wooden furniture gives this room a nice girly touch without being too kitsch.



Image: Minty Magazine

This room got the geometric game perfectly right and makes it look stunning! It is the easiest, quickest and most budget-friendly way to add some colour to a room.  Pastel colours like above will turn your room into a little soft and light paradise.
A simple and minimal children’s room becomes more interesting way and stylish.



Image: Estilo Escandinavo

The classic! White wall painted with a contrasting colour on the ‘lower level’. The turquoise is gender neutral, fresh and fun.



Image: Loaf

Using circles or curved lines invoke a light and fun feeling. This room shows another fun way to bring together two colours on one wall. The ‘mountains’ are playful and create a really quirky wall for a kids room.



Image: Dezeen

Ok, this is not painted but so cool and brings colour blocking to another level. A white room got a wall full of Lego brick plates for creative non-stop fun. Combining the colour block trend with toys is the ultimate solution!


Slider: Dulux

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