La Basketry

Product of the month: La Basketry

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Discovered during Bubble London and smitten right away. These beautiful baskets are our product of the month February.

Founded by sisters Tabara and Mamy N’Diaye only last year, the home ware brand La Basketry is already well loved and growing.

The sisters grew up in Paris, France but the family roots are in Senegal.

In Senegal, basket weaving is a tradition that has been passed down for generations to women in rural villages to generate extra income. As two sisters who have traveled there since we were newborns, we have always been inspired by these artisans and their craft. There’s a great sense of sisterhood within the weaver’s community and we have always felt humbled and touched by their hard work.

La Basketry was founded to share this traditional craft and generate a regular employment for the weavers. Bringing colour and individuality into our houses and providing job opportunities for women in rural areas of Senegal. These versatile baskets can be used for many things – laundry baskets, toy storage, bread bin or plant pot. You decide! In any case – this is your storage solution. A very pretty one. And who does not love a great basket?

La Basketry

La Basketry

La Basketry

When we met Tabara during Bubble (she relocated to London 10 years ago) and had a chat about her new business you could sense immediately the passion that is put into La Basketry. Very refreshing to see and we are sure that these two girl bosses will go a long way.

Mamy is based in Paris and travels to Senegal regularly and is in charge of the operations, liaising with the artisans and lead on design and production.

Tabar in London is in charge of sales and marketing that includes the website, content creation, social media and events. Communication is key when running a business between 2 countries so the two are always on What’s App or on the phone brainstorming ideas. And of course sister weekends in either city mixing work and fun.

All the baskets are handmade in a village called Ndiakhate, just outside of Thies. The city where their parents were born and most of the family still resides.
La Basketry has a group of ladies specifically working for them and they are also going to work with local charities.

The ‘Generous Storage’ tagline embodies the idea of offering plenty of storage but also being generous with our makers and the community.


La Basketry