The 10 must-have play kitchen utensils

The 10 must-have play kitchen utensils


You have kids. You have a play kitchen. Little people love every bit of culinary pretend play.

And to get things right, you need good utensils. (even grown ups know that)
When your child is engaged with their friend in a play kitchen, discussing the menu and cooking a meal for their doll’s tea party, they are learning all sorts of useful life skills. Sharing, taking turns, and being part of a team for example.

And to entertain your children’s imagination and creativity without a screen or keyboard, a play kitchen is probably one of the most successful toys. Cooking is so much fun!

We have selected a range of toy kitchen utensils that will make the whole journey even more exciting. Because the best mini kitchen is nothing without the right tiny utensils.

The 10 must-have play kitchen utensils

Less is more (as so often), that is why we tuned it down to 10 must-haves that will make every mini chef happy:


1. Tea Set – a sophisticated wooden tea set is a must. This one from Djeco stole our hearts. It features a charming bird design in blues and red. The set includes a beautiful mosaic patterned tray which holds a tea pot and sugar bowl, 2 cups, saucers and spoons.

2. Pans & Pots – of course you need a set! And we like this very stylish set with five pieces from Design Letters. It includes a large pot with lid, sauce pan, frying pan and a bakingdish. The packaging is designed to be used as an old-fashioned stove.

3. Oven mittens – these are ‘real’ kid sized mittens that can be used when helping mum and dad in the ‘real’ kitchen as well.

4. Small basket – An essential piece of equipment for the supermarket in the child’s world!

5. Kitchen Timer – no need to look for a special kids timer. A fun one will do. Kids love to set the cooking time. From Pylones.

1. Cash Register – Vintage and so much fun, the Cash Register from Fisher Price. Since 1975, this Cash Register has been the fun way to teach children how to count. It works exactly like a real one – just turn the crank to hear the bell ring and watch the drawer open! With coins in three different sizes that you can slot in, pull the lever and watch them roll down the ramp.

2. Wooden food sets – to be able to create meals one needs ingredients. We love the ones from Le Toy Van.

3. Chalkboard – to write down menus, restaurants names and and and…. like this one for example.

4. Mixer – Mix up some delicious pretend-play fun! We like this realistic wooden mixer from Melissa & Doug. You can “adjust the speed” and the set includes two pats of butter and a two-part egg. A pound cake mix box, a cake loaf, and a cake pan.

5. Plates & Cutlery – to set the table. In wood to last forever! From Plan Toys for example.

Looking for the perfect play kitchen? We have something for! The Eco-friendly play kitchen from Milton & Goose is a big favourite her at Luna.


Slider: Photo by li tzuni on Unsplash

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