The most gorgeous rag dolls for kids

The most gorgeous rag dolls for kids


A rag doll is traditionally home-made from spare scraps of material and one of the oldest children's toys in existence.

These one of a kind creatures make everyone connect or reconnect with their internal child and trigger their imagination. No difference if you are three or 43, there is something glorious and nostalgic about a soft and cuddly rag doll. And the joy these dolls bring is truly everlasting.

To keep the nostalgic heirloom vibe we found the most gorgeous rag dolls for you. Hand made with love and so many details that you can get lost.

We found a variety of styles that will please the little ones and probably everyone else in the family too. Whether young or old, these carefully handcrafted pieces are intended to bring you joy for years to come.
The most gorgeous rag dolls for kids
Furthermore, these rag dolls really make perfect gifts because they will be loved and cared for for a very long time!

Here is our list with the most gorgeous rag dolls:

erika barratt

Erika Barratt

Erika creates dolls that will become a treasured heirloom. An object that is made to last and to be passed down through generations. Made with carefully sourced materials and antique finds.
Handcrafted from her own original patterns using natural and sustainable materials of the highest quality. The dolls are constructed from tea stained cotton & linen cloth and 100% wool stuffing. All features are hand-embroidered with linen thread and button-jointed for mobility with wooden buttons made locally from renewable resources.


just acorn dolls

Just Acorn

The UK based artist Barbara Maj creates imaginative heirloom dolls and wall decors inspired by the world of nature.
Her creative process usually starts with a state of mind where she sees a colour, texture or shape and it inspires her to create a new doll. When the pattern for a new doll is ready, she cuts fabrics, sews, stuffs. Her favourite part is when she can embroider the dolls’ face. The very first moment when the doll comes to live.
She believes that happy kids make a better world.


Philomena Kloss

Philomena Kloss

These adorable tweed bears are custom made from two girls based in Ukraine. They are so adorable and a fantastic alternative for children who are not so much into dolls.
These bears are made to become real friends, which you can take with you on every journey. Each bear is lovingly made to order with pure love.




These heirloom dolls are handmade with care and attention to details, love for nature as well as a high quality construction. They are meant to be the best companion and to be treasured for a long time. A friend for a lifetime. Each doll is earth friendly and unique and came to life after several hours in the making.
All creations of Filomeluna are originally designed and handmade by Marlene Parra, located in Mexico City.


merrilee liddiard

Merrilee Liddiard

With her love of creative play Merrilee Liddiard has been immersed in making magic out of the simple things since childhood. She grew up watching her mother cast porcelain, stitch together cloth bodices and paint miniature eyes and cheeks onto handmade doll faces. Merrilee has consequentially had a passion for dolls and doll making ever since.
Therefore, she created a charming collection of handmade heirloom dolls for children to love. Each doll is oversized which makes them perfect for little hands to hold and to bring along on all their adventures.
The dolls are all one of a kind with hand painted faces and beautiful, handmade clothing and accessories. Each doll comes with its own name and a description of her personality.


Lena Bekh

Lena Bekh

Textile designer Lena Bekh is fascinated by doll making since she was a little girl. And her creations look like they just jumped out of a fairy tale. So many details that we are just flabbergasted.
Each doll is unique and designed and sewn by Lena. Made of natural cotton and linen with vintage accents.


dumye dolls


Sahar Wehbeh wanted to buy a doll for her one-year old daughter in 2011 as a Christmas gift. She couldn’t find one that matched her taste. So she decided to make one herself and went shopping for materials in New York. It took her months to figure out how to make one using her mother’s old sewing machine.
In her pursuit of a stylish doll for her daughter, Sahar came up with the idea of starting her own doll-making business. And Dumyé was launched in July 2013. Here you can find a large variation of dolls. Skin tones, angels or one wearing a jalabiya. Every dolls is customisable.




With GiggleMay you can get a custom made rag doll to your exact specifications. Your very personal doll will have hand embroidered eyes and mouth. A small felted toy to play with and bedding for the wooden box that turns into a dolls bed. Even the clothes and accessories are custom made to your wishes.
True huggable friends for a lifetime!

See the beautiful work of Ferrar Design as well, based here in the UK and making lovely dolls and other friends. Or the stunning collab of Severina Kids X Camomile London – rag dolls in pajamas.


Slider: Merrilee Liddiard