Fashion Fruits – Sunny Strawberry

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We continue with our fashion fruits this week and focus on the strawberry.

Do you know a child that does not like a bright red strawberry? Or better a whole box of them. The synonym for summer and running through the fields. And no candy is needed, when you can have some juicy fruits.


Fashion Fruits - Sunny Strawberry


Our mouth was watering whilst putting together this selection. We hope yours will too:


1. Bobo Choses baby knit romper.

2. The cutest accessory – a bamboo bag just like our favourite fruit.

3. Cheerful tee!

4. Soft cushion with gold leaves.


1. Mini Melissa shoes that smell so divine.

2. Ivory cotton T-shirt with a colourful strawberry and rainbow appliqué. Soft and stretchy!

3. Uber-cute baby culotte with print.

4. Knitted strawberry beanie.


1. Cutest swimsuit – like a real fruit!

2. Fruity print that makes our mouth water.

3. Blue denim dress for baby girls with the famous green and red neckline and a delightful appliqué on the chest.

4. Simple linen shirt.

5. Elasticated belt with ‘monster’and a red strawberry buckle on the front.


For more fashion fruits, please see our pineapple selection.

Slider: Oeuf NYC

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