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Visiting FIMI Madrid, more children’s winter trends for 2019-2020

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Travelling to Madrid is always a pleasure.

Combining work (FIMI Madrid) with a visit to the Capital in the best company, I had my sister accompany me during the weekend, was a plan made in heaven.

My arrival felt like a warm welcome. I exited the metro station, and though the day was cold, there was glorious sun. Light and sun characterises winter in Madrid and I had to stop for several seconds just to enjoy the moment.

I entered FIMI, which took place in a soft-coloured space with lots of light. The ceilings were high and airy.

Visiting FIMI Madrid, more children’s winter trends for 2019-2010!

Come with me and see the brands I visited:

My first stop was Siena accessories. You might know them better by another name:

Visiting FIMI Madrid, more children's winter trends for 2019-20200Nita 7

This Spanish company was established in Valencia in the 90s. 

Specialists in the design and production of hair and fashion accessories, they have everything you could possibly need to accessorize, and if they don’t, they will simply make it for you. A family business you would love to work with, they are super professional, hard-working, and charming. It was an enormous pleasure to talk to Elena!

Visiting FIMI Madrid

My second stop was Jim&Lucy.

A romantic children’s fashion brand with a very elegant style. I have to thank Lucy for making my visit a full experience. No formal or distant salutations; she is passionate about her brand and collection and showed me all the possible combinations the collection has to offer. Everything is so well thought out, it is really easy for parents to make beautiful sets with any of the items.

Jim&Lucy winter trends

Next: Maison Lex is a brand you don’t want to miss.

They are based in Antwerpen, and meeting them was one of the highlights of my day. Because fashion has to become more sustainable and our present model does not work anymore. It does not make sense. And that is why Maison Lex features organic baby clothes and specializes in essential pieces that are perfect for every little child’s wardrobe.

In their own words: “We design for babies and toddlers ages zero to three with a special focus on their delicate and sensitive skin also keeping in mind the people making this happen throughout the full cycle of production.” I love Maison Lex, their collections, and their philosophy.

Maison Lex winter trends AW

A brand that made me feel like a child again, with their amazing printed designs, was Cowe.

The best quality fabrics and original fun prints are the trademarks of Cowe. It was a pleasure meeting their talented designers. I am still awaiting their pictures. I promise to update as soon as they send them to me!

More Brands at FIMI Madrid

I visited Osamore’s stand, and it felt like I was having coffee with an old friend. I loved their collections for teenagers. They are so few brands really designing exclusively for them! It is a hard task, and Osamore does it beautifully.

Osamore fashion for teenagers

Minabay is the work of two talented women, who know what children want to wear. They know that kids like to feel comfortable but also special in their clothes. The collections of Minabay have a lot of character and are full of original fabrics and details. Thank you, ladies, for taking the time to walk me through your creative process. It is always an honour to meet talented entrepreneurs.

Minabay winter trends

Miralindo is special. María is one of the creative and management souls of this brand. Talking to her was fantastic. We exchanged our views on children’s fashion and business management, and I could feel her positive energy and drive to do things right. When she talks about Miralindo, her eyes sparkle! She explained that Miralindo clothes are comfortable and unique. Made only with 100% cotton fabrics, and what makes every garment special are the dying methods, the pigments that make the different tones, and the originally cut pieces.

Miralindo winter trends

Plumeti Rain is another of my favorites. I have followed this brand since its very beginnings. Laura Peña is the designer behind every collection. When you see a Plumeti Rain garment, you will notice the distinctive style that I, personally, love. I am sure you will love the new collection for next winter as well.

Fimi Madrid

I ended my visit with Petit Oh! They have one of the most accomplished baby collections on the market. Everything is beautiful, soft, and well made. Petit Oh! is an established brand that was founded in Barcelona, but even though they have been in business for a long time, they keep on improving and presenting novelties. I loved the graphic prints for next season, as well as their t-shirt bodies for babies.

Petit Oh winter trends for babies

brand Petit Oh winter trends for babies

This was, in brief, my visit to FIMI Madrid. I hope you enjoyed all the brands that I selected for you.

Slider: Petit Oh!

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