Leoca Paris

Timeless and exclusive French elegance for children


Leoca Paris offers a range of clothing for children that are stylish, elegant and timeless.

We are starting the new week with the ultimate French look. Admired for its nonchalance and simplicity, the French chic never loses its appeal and there is a children’s fashion brand that ticks all the boxes: LEOCA Paris.

Created by Maud Falcon de Longevialle in 2010, LEOCA Paris is a children’s couture house that has the title ‘timeless elegance’ in their DNA.

Inspired by high quality materials with collections that combine colours and shapes with perfection and creativity.

Attentive to details, aesthetics and an artistic approach, Leoca takes special care in the design of its clothes. Timeless silhouettes are reinvented with new colours and textures. Elegant and playful at the same time. Made for children with a good dose of style and originality.

Leoca Paris

Leoca Paris

Leoca Paris

Leoca Paris

This is high-end fashion at its best. And you can always feel Maud’s background of film-making and photography. The artistic eye that knows how to mix fabrics, colours and add the perfect details. Not too much and just the right colour, size or form. Constantly mixing fashion and art,and playing with colours and materials results in beautiful garments. Therefore each garment is the result of a delicate association of ultra-comfortable materials and refined details. The fabrics used in the collections are selected in France, Italy and Japan.

We are in love and cannot wait to discover the next collections during our upcoming visits to the children’s fashion and design fairs.


All images: Leoca Paris

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