Japanese kids fashion brand Sou Sou Kyoto


From modern kimono-style kids summer kimonos and dresses, to traditional socks and shoes, all made with the finest Japanese cotton and hand-printed in Kyoto, Sou Sou has everything your kids need to not only be comfortable but also to stand out in the crowd.

When Luna Mag asked me to cover the latest kids fashion trends from Japan, the first brand that sprung to my mind is Sou Sou Kyoto.

I first heard about Sou Sou from my Japanese friend a number of years ago. Since then I have taken my family and friends there whenever they visit, and everyone always loves it!


Bold and Colourful

The first thing you may notice is that the bold and colourful prints remind you of Marimekko?

The reason is that the co-founder, textile-designer Katsuji Wakisaka was actually the first Japanese designer at Marimekko in 1968.

After he returned to Japan, he continued his designs. This led to the establishment of Sou Sou in 2002 with their first production being their famous tabi shoes.

Japan kids fashion Sou Sou Kyoto

Traditional yet modern

While pop and edgy, Sou Sou uses traditional hand-printing for all their designs.

Each 100 meter roll of fabric is hand-printed in a small factory in Kyoto. The factory has been doing this traditional printing since the early Showa period.

The mold for each colour is made by hand, and the staff print the colour one color at a time onto the fabric with a spatula.

In contrast to machine-printing, the Kyoto craftsmen scrape the colours onto the fabric manually by hand. This means there is a limit to the amount that can be produced and each pattern is unique.

This makes the Sou Sou fabrics and garments even more special, as they are supporting the traditional Japanese artisans in the local area.


“Ise” Cotton

The fabric used for many of the Sou Sou kids clothing is made from “Ise cotton” which is traditionally made in Tsu city in Mie Prefecture.

You may have heard of the Japanese traditional cotton towel which becomes softer with every wash?

This is the reason why Sou Sou decided to use this cotton, as it is so soft and gentle on baby’s skin. It is also light yet warm, and is resistant to wrinkles unlike regular cotton.

Japan Kids Fashion Sou Sou Kyoto haori coat


If you are visiting Japan, make sure you include a trip to Sou Sou Kyoto in your itinerary! Even if you can’t make it to Kyoto during your trip, you can still find Sou Sou in Tokyo city.


  • Kyoto: 569-6 Nakanocho (Shinkyogokudori), Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto Prefecture (located just behind Kawaramachi Station). This kids store also has a kids play space including toys, Japanese picture books and a TV to entertain your kids while you shop!
  • Tokyo: 5-3-10 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo (located a few minutes walk from Omotesando Station)
All Images: Sou Sou Kyoto

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