Kids fashion trends

Kids fashion trends for A/W 2018/19

FASHION, Trends attended a total of 5 kids fashion and design trade shows over the last weeks. And when you walk through the halls you do get a good impression about trends, news and colour schemes.

What are the prints, textures and signature accessories? Will the winter season be colourful or denim regulated? Girly or rather gender neutral?

What would you like? And how comes that sometimes you see the same colour or fabric used by many brands at the same time?

Well, questions over questions but today we will share some of the kids fashion trends we discovered in Florence, London, Paris and Copenhagen with you. Showing you what our kids wear next Autumn/ Winter.

Kids fashion trends

The kids fashion trends 2018 are:


– there will be a lot of golden winter jackets next season. A lot! Finger in the Nose has the golden and silver down jackets in their winter collections for a few years now. Well, next season you will see many more brands who picked up this trend!
We saw a lot of festive wear made from metallic yarns.


– still there and available in many shades. Summer will be very pastel but for winter we will see a stronger, more powerful version.


– and then ruffles combined with pink! But overall, there are ruffles in many different ways. Dresses, knitted jumpers, skirts and pants too.

Flared pants

– talking about pants, we are seeing less skinny and more bootcut styles.


– T H E print. So many different versions it was truly interesting how the brands interpreted the cherry. Small, furry, bold, sequins, minimalist versions, playful… if you like cherries, there will be something you love next A/W for sure!


– best trend! More and more brands produce with our earth in mind. Combined with soft, natural colours and great basics. Basics that can be worn throughout the year and be mixed and matched easily.


– is growing. More and more brands include knitwear and it is getting very fashionable too. Great colours, designs and interesting details.


– accessory wise the collar is a hit!


– yeah, after pink and ruffles, all we can say: The tutus are still going strong too!

We hope you enjoyed this little trend report and that there is something exciting waiting for your wardrobe!
It is still a bit until these collections will hit the stores so until then we invite you to discover some of the best Spring / Summer collections.


Slider: Mummymoon A/W 2018/19

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