5 super Instagrammable and child friendly cafes in London

5 super Instagrammable and child friendly cafes in London

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Decades ago people who were going on a trip visited their local bookstore to buy a guide and to discover the must do's and see's of their destination.

Not so many decades ago, travel blogs came along and replaced the travel guides in form of books for many. Today, the latest travel-fix medium seems to be Instagram. Searching for hashtags opens up the secrets (well, not so secret anymore then) and favourite spots of a place. All beautiful, photogenic and awesome of course. To please the Instagram crowd.

London has a ton of these places too and we heard that some even hand out queue tickets after they became a success on Instagram.

But, we understand. We all love a cute place and if it serves a decent coffee and good cakes – we will not say no. And since most of us here at Luna, as well as our readers, are out and about with kids in tow, we found not only the cutest cafes in the capital. No! We found the cutest that are child friendly too!

Take note for your next coffee stop:

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Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen is for the insane cakes and the photogenic architecture. Delightful floral decorations to drop your jaw and very fancy pastries, cupcakes and tea. around the door. Your kids will love to select something from the beautiful cake selection and if you go early and during the week, the line should be ok. A treat for the eye and the taste buds!


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The Biscuiteers Boutique is cute with it’s black and white facade and gold trim shelves full of classic British goodies. You enter through a checkered black and white floor and will be invited by the much-loved biscuits, chocolate sand cake collections. You could host a children’s icing parties here as well.

And pssst… it is located just around the corner from Wild Things Flowers. Another Insta favourite.


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Daisy Green Collection

Daisy Green brings relaxed and buzzing Australian food and coffee culture to London. Super spot for just a coffee or the brunch, which we think is what you should do with your kids here. We love the Darcie Green location, because it is on a boat and very colourful and funky!

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Palm Vaults

Palm Vaults is part of the pink crew too! Super lovely place with lots of hanging plants and a very inviting, as well as healthy, menu! Nom Nom!


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Tap Coffee 193

This is Central London and Tap Coffee 193 is always very busy. But definitely one of the best stops for a cup of coffee, great slice of cake as well as a pretty interior in this part of the city. Very cosy, friendly and great sandwiches too.

We do recommend to avoid rush hours for all cafes and come very early for example!

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