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How to be happy in 2018!

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2017 is behind us and even if we say that we do not like, follow or make resolutions for the new year, deep down there is always a little list or at least 'something' that we want to achieve.

But you know what, let’s make 2018 all about being happier and more accomplished! Make it your year!

We are all busy and we really need to take that excuse aside. We easily get caught up in the little things.

Let’s not. We created a little plan on how to be happy and want you to read along. Step by step, because we know that happiness influences our well being, our health, even success and productivity. A positive spirit speaks for itself.

Especially as moms we tend to forget to look after ourselves. Putting the kids first. And ,for them, it is important too to have a happy mum. A role model. And a person who is content with herself reflects it in her children, in her role as a mom and her charisma.

5 steps to follow to be happy in 2018:

Step one: Own yourself

Accept and embrace your personality and everything that makes you “you.” Love your body. Make a list of your strengths and remember that you’re a unique person. Be kind to yourself and do not compare yourself with others.

Step two: Create your ‘Happy List’

Write down what made you happiest last year. From achievements to little things to people or big events. Think about the first snow, holidays, food you tried or a show you saw. Then you make a list, your Happy List, of all the things that will make you happy in 2018 and stick to it whenever necessary. Simple pleasures bring happiness!

Step three: SMILE

And people will smile back!
Smiling reinforces happiness, just as happiness causes smiling.

Step four: Give back

Give someone else a compliment, send a nice message to a friend, support your colleague with his wish for promotion. It will make their day and yours too!

Step five: Write down your dreams

A fancy car, new career or a ‘around-the-world’ trip – whatever your dreams, big or small, crazy or nearly impossible, are – bring them on paper.
To achieve them you need to break them down into action points and see what can you do now to make your dreams happen later? Knowing you have big crazy dreams that you want to achieve will give you something to smile about. (see step three)



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