How to be Positive In Under A Minute!

How to be Positive In Under A Minute!

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Our family life is crazy. Often exhausting. And always full of surprises and funny stories. And we would not want it any different way.

Having a busy family as well as professional life does not leave much time for anything else. Sometimes we are tired and we do forget to look after ourselves. We wake up in the morning and feel grumpy, down or even worn out. On top, we missed our train and it is raining.

So we lift our head, look at ourselves in the mirror and remember:  These things cannot put us in a bad mood. No! We need to make the most out of the little moments we get.

And to help you, we have a fantastic list of little things that will make your days a little happier. A little more light and a little sweeter. Because it is all in the little things. Appreciating moments is a gift.

How to be How to be Positive In Under A Minute!

Try and start implementing these tips and see how they brighten your days. They all just take under a minute of your time and are worth so much more:

Look at what makes you happy

Slow down and remember all the positive things going on in your life right now. Think about your children, an exciting project or how you met your husband.

Call someone you love

Call your mum, best friend or whoever you know can take a quick vent. Getting stuff out of your system makes you feel more positive afterward!

Buy a bunch of flowers

Actually, you should always have flowers in your home, they make such a difference.

Dance with your family after diner

It is fun and since Grey’s Anatomy we all know that dancing it out is the way to go.

Make someone happy

Making another person happy will lift your mood AND another person has a smile on her/ his face too! Win-win.

Compliment somebody

Telling a person how much you love their dress or their presentation is a good way to put back the positive energy that you are missing.

Make plans

A trip, a shopping tour, lunch with your sister or a coffee with your favourite colleague. Something to look forward to!


Greet people with a big smile. They will smile back and it feels good.


Listen to an old favourite song and bring back memories.

Something sweet.

Enjoy a mean dessert, on the sofa, with your hubby, on a Friday night, when the kids are in bed.

Wake up

Wake up the next day and tell yourself: Today is gonna be a good day! (just in case, put a post-it note with a reminder on your bedside table)


Slider: Karly Santiago on Unsplash

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