Maternity Lingerie from Six Studio

Maternity Lingerie from Six Studio

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Attention expecting mums - this is for you and it will make the next weeks or months of your pregnancy and just after so much more comfortable. Your belly expands along with the rest of you and wearing your old underwear is becoming increasingly difficult.

Six Studio design exactly what you are looking for. Uber comfortable maternity lingerie. Yes lingerie, not underwear. The days of boring, hidden at the bottom of your closet kind of maternity briefs and bras are over.

Maternity lingerie redefined! Combining functionality with modern aesthetics. Showing us how sexy and comfortable underwear can be. Minimalist designs that flatter your feminine shape. We hear you, you were waiting for this.

The first collection was designed in Scotland and made in Portugal using French Leavers lace and Italian jerseys.
The result is a modern and desirable luxury maternity lingerie collection. Answering the needs of modern women during and after pregnancy.

Designer Kate Anians started Six Studio out of desperation about the lack of lingerie for pregnant women. With over ten years of experience with brands like La Perla, Coco de Mer and Myla, Kate designed her first maternity collection.

Maternity lingerie should be fun to buy and is an important part of a pregnant woman’s wardrobe.

And isn’t underwear one of the very first things we shop when pregnant? The body starts the change quickly and even when your denims still fit, all you want to be is comfortable. And this whole range means that the modern woman does not have to compromise her style or identity whilst she is growing another human!

Maternity Lingerie from Six Studio

Maternity Lingerie from Six Studio

Maternity Lingerie from Six Studio

Maternity Lingerie from Six Studio

When we asked around the office about underwear during pregnancies, well it seems that all ladies were happy to ditch them once they could wear their ‘good’ undies again. Everyone wished that they would have come across Six when they were pregnant. Wearing nice underwear makes you feel better. And are these maybe even the perfect reason to have another baby?

Let’s leave the answer to this question open and return to Six.

Looking at these bras for example. So chic and elegant. Beautiful French lace and microfiber for comfort and looks.

Maternity lingerie is the only item of clothing you will wear all day and every day. An essential addition to a pregnant woman’s wardrobe and well worth a little investment. If you plan to breastfeed the bras will accompany you for a long period of time.

The range has a strong clean, minimal yet feminine aesthetic. Designed to flatter and enhance the female body as a woman evolves through pregnancy and enters into motherhood.

A great luxury gift for a mum to be or new mum.


Six Studio


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