Mum's reading list #3

Mum’s reading list #3

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Hello Monday! How are we all? How about having some really interesting reads and news just when the new week starts?

Motivating the mum in you, inspiring the women in you and preparing you for the teenager years.
And a little bit of celeb talk and news of course, to keep things balanced.

Welcome to our Mum’s reading list #3:

Motherhood! Tully is showing the messy and overwhelming aspects of motherhood. The journey that can feel like we are losing our minds. Emotionally raw, physically intense and Charlize Theron looking like a real mum that just gave birth to baby number three. Let’s find a date for movie night in our agendas ladies!

A morning with Travis Lett. Who grew up on a macrobiotic vegan diet and is running two hip restaurants in LA today. His view on nutrition and food is very well worth the read. Hop over to his talk with Readymag about food and how his business idea started up!

And if you care about the world around us and you’re in the food business and you’re profiting from it as I am you’ve really got to take a look at where things are coming from and the broader impact.

Colette closed and some of the old team members opened NOUS. For your next visit in Paris.

Rooney Mara talked with Elle US.

I watch interviews from the 1970s, of Patti Smith or John Cassavetes, and everyone’s smoking, drinking, totally misbehaving, but they’re being completely authentic, and I’m so jealous because that would never happen today.

When is a Child Instagram-Ready?
This is a great article about how to handle Social Media usage of your children. We all have to face it one day and this is one way on how to do it.

La vie en rose at the MERCI store in Paris.

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Owning your shit is owning who you are and not trying to be anybody else.

Ellen Pompeo on How to Earn your sh** with Instyle.

Vanessa Bruno about success and women.

She is a modern woman, and she is active, which is important. But active in the sense that she is with her children, she has work, she receives friends in the evening, she has energy, she needs comfort.

Jessica Alba on motherhood.

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