Pregnancy fashion made easy: What to buy and what not!

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In this guide, we reveal what belongs in your pregnancy wardrobe so that they are prepared for every stage. Do you really need a diaper bag? And when to buy maternity pants?

The moment the big news are official, one question immediately presents itself: What do I wear during my pregnancy?
And even so lots has happened in this department you will discover a lot of strangely shaped fashion or price tags that are very difficult to justify for a nine months period of wear.

But we are here to help! Because there are some exceptions that match the beautiful circumstances perfectly.

The first trimester

What you should buy now

Every pregnancy is different. But for many, the first few months are accompanied by nausea, fatigue and this vague feeling of no longer being completely in one’s own body. On some days you will prefer to lie on the sofa, but unfortunately this is not always possible. But at least you can make yourself as comfortable as possible in your clothes. Strictly speaking, you don’t have to buy anything new during this time, because your old things still fit. If you do, go for soft fabrics, which are comfortable now and which you can still wear later in pregnancy. Brands with wide, clear silhouettes that can be combined in many ways, such as COS or Joseph, are a good choice. The best companion for now and later: a shirt, because it goes with everything. For classic silhouettes, it’s best to look in the men’s department (or in your husband’s wardrobe).

Do not buy yet

With all the hormonal exuberance: do not buy anything for the last stage or even the first weeks with the baby. Maternity jeans, nursing bras and practical wrap tops will come early enough.

pregnancy denim jumpsuitBest investment

In winter, a cashmere ensemble. In summer, an overall, for example from A Pea in the Pod.

Beauty tip

One is well advised to switch to natural brands from now on. Three favourites: Ren, Neil’s Yard and Dr. Hauschka. In addition many pregnant woman swear by natural oils particularly against stretch marks. Natural brands such as Kneipp, Weleda or Burt’s Bees are recommended here too.

Extra tip: Read our First Trimester survival guide!

The second trimester

Now things are getting real and your belly will start growing rapidly. From one day to the next it will not look like you’ve just eaten a little too much pasta for lunch.

Unmistakable and proud, your belly is there! If you would like to show it off, we recommend a figure-hugging dress from Boob or Isabella Oliver. You still need time to getting used to having a new center? Biker jackets and structured blazers, which can also be worn openly, give shape.

Maternity jeans are not the enemy! Look out for soft denim and a good stretch content. We recommend: Paige Denim, Gap and J. Crew Maternity. By the way: Jeans that sit under the stomach, are best for the first and last weeks of pregnancy. Jeans with a waistband that goes over the stomach for the time in between.

Do not buy yet

New shoes, because often your feet will get bigger later in pregnancy and your shoes can become unwearable.

hatch pregnancy wearBest Investment

Everything from Hatch Collection. Founder Ariane Goldman had the brilliant idea to create fashion with flowing silhouettes and wide cuts, which you can wear during pregnancy, but also other things, e.g. a jumpsuit that can be worn with or without a baby belly, wrap coats or great briefs.

Beauty tip

Book a pregnancy massage now that relieves the back, which is under an increasing strain. Also check these 7 beauty must-haves for expectant mums.


The third trimester

Things are getting serious and all you want is to feel comfortable. Invest in a caftan during summer, or, in winter the cashmere ensemble from the first trimester still fits well.

Start looking for nursing tops and of course: baby fashion!

kanken diaper bagDo not buy

A diaper bag. Simply because there are so incredibly few diaper bags you want to see every day. Better check if your tote or Kanken can do the job.

Best Investment

Comfortable shoes that you can wear now and when out and about with your baby in the first few months. Classically good and versatile: Converse sneakers or Ancient Greek sandals.

Beauty tip

Some women swear by birth-preparing acupuncture. And a pedicure is recommended, because you can no longer get past your stomach and feet. The only important thing is to choose a varnish that is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins, toluene, camphor and DBP. These are available from Butter London, Treat Collection and Kure Bazaar.


Slider: Hatch

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