10 family travel destinations we have on the list for 2019

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We absolutely believe that a new year should start with planning. Holiday planning that is. Putting together a family wish list of travel destinations is a great way to start holiday dreaming.

And organising an incredible family adventure is a fantastic way to get excited about the new year ahead. In case you miss inspiration, here are 10 family travel destinations that we have on our list for 2019.

Exotic, not too far, beach or safari. The saying ‘the world is your oyster’ could not be more accurate.

10 family travel destinations we have on the list for 2019

1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is perfect for a family holiday adventure. Beautiful beaches, animal spotting, and very family-friendly locals. The coastline is stunning and once you are there, prices are very affordable.
You can visit some historical sites and the national parks with elephants will be loved by the entire family. Sri Lanka has a bit of an adventure feeling but ticks all the beach holiday boxes as well.

2. Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont is often overlooked and tourists travel to the more famous places like Rome, Tuscany or the Amalfi coast. But it is full of delicious food, art, and the Italian atmosphere we so adore. Wander through the bucolic villages and enjoy the fantastic scenery with your family. It is very easy to access (fly into Milano or Torino) and once there everything is close by, even France and Switzerland. Another bonus: It is less crowded than the more famous regions and therefore easier on the budget too.


10 family travel destinations we have on the list for 2019
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3. Scotland’s Highlands and islands

Why not stay in the UK? And how about discovering the breathtaking wilderness right here in Europe? Misty lochs, castles, and a real-life Hogwarts Express? And since you surely love to spend your holidays outdoors, this really should be on your travel list. Explore castle ruins, discover fairy legends on the Isle of Skye or go hiking in the great outdoors. Scotland is peaceful, and the people are adorable. Everyone is very friendly and laid-back. Between the stunning nature and pure landscapes, the Highlands are a great reminder that one does not have to travel far to see something magical!

4. Grand Canyon

Yes, you could start with the iconic road trip down Colorado to the Grand Canyon. And everyone will love it. Get a camper-van and do the whole shebang.  A picnic at Cape Royal, Greenway Trail, and s’mores under the stars. The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most incredible natural wonders. And your children will learn and see something new wherever they look.
Best: In 2019 the Grand Canyon National Park is celebrating its 100th birthday as a national park. And there will be lots of special events to celebrate! Another family favorite: A ride on the Grand Canyon Railway, an unforgettable ride through spectacular surroundings with live music and stories that bring the Old West to life.

5. Puerto Rico

Are you looking for a beach getaway with cultural experiences? Then Puerto Rico is for you! You can drive through the rain forest, discover Spanish colonial architecture and enjoy plenty of sunshine. You will love the stunning beaches with their golden sand and blue waves. The locals love children and they do love picnics! Yum!

Photo: Getty Images / Sergio Pessolano

6. Namibia

A raw beauty that is all about earth, sky, and sea. And this may not be your typical family holiday but when we started this article we also said dreaming. And Namibia is definitely dream-worthy. Looking at Africa, Namibia is a great choice for a family destination. There is no malaria in the tourist areas, no yellow fever and Namibia is one of the safest countries in Africa.
There is plenty of wildlife and you will see it daily, a big hit with kids of any age! Next, to the wildlife, there is a seal colony with thousands of seals, wild flamingos, dolphins, whales, and so many more animals. Do not forget to enjoy Fish River Canyon and Sossusvlei red sand dunes. Oh, and when traveling from Europe – Namibia is in the same time zone. Convenient!

7. Mozambique

When thinking about Mozambique, do you see pristine, palm-fringed beaches? Mozambique has over 2000km of Indian Ocean coastline with white sand beaches and coral island archipelagos. This southeast African country has amazing wild national parks and protected marine reserves. It is not malaria free so you may not want to travel with an infant (save it for later!) but it is absolutely stunning.
It is one of the more affordable safari holidays and there are some lovely family-friendly Eco-resorts and lodges these days as well.

8. Jordan

Jordan offers an astounding variety of adventure within a small country. How about riding a camel to the historic archaeological city of Petra? And then you can take a ride through the desert of Wadi Rum and sleep in a Bedouin camp. Play Lawrence of Arabia, let the kids sled down sand dunes and scramble over rocks. And at night, watch the stars like nowhere else. And then the Dead Sea where you can float in the salty waters (kids love it), snorkel, windsurf, or scuba diving. The perfect destination for a family adventure and activity holiday.

9. Denmark

Hygge! Denmark has a lot to offer for families. Learn about Vikings at Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, and LEGO lovers go to Billund, where the building blocks were invented. There is LEGOLAND too. Of course! Copenhagen is always worth a visit and the Tivoli Gardens are loved by young and old. You will find lots of street food vendors around the capital. Enjoy them by the canals. In the countryside, you will find white sand beaches and charming fishing villages. And everywhere you can find family-friendly accommodation, accessible restaurants, and friendly people.
By the way: Aarhus, is the world’s happiest city and Copenhagen comes in at number three.

10 family travel destinations we have on the list for 2019
Photo: Getty Images / Mathieu Rivrin

10. Brittany, France

For kids (and parents) who love surfing or sailing, Brittany is a sure bet. The place is littered with maritime schools! It is a little like Piedmont (our no.2) because tourists tend to travel to the more famous places like Paris or the Cote d’Azur. Which makes Brittany less crowded and purer. Here you can still find a lot of untouched villages and natural beaches. The region truly has all the vital ingredients for the sort of holiday that children will remember.
The Breton coast is stunningly beautiful with many cliffs areas and it makes approximately one-third of the total French coastline with a length of some 1,780 miles. You can stay in one of the family-friendly gites!

Looking for a city destination? How about Barcelona with kids?

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